Alternate Realities; Crytal Time Orb

Go to college.  Have a child.  Buy a car.  Buy a house.  There are all just a few of the decisions that we all have to make in life.  The outcomes of the decisions we make shape our lives.  They make us into the people that we will become.  This is why it is important that we think all major decisions in life over to the fullest extent.  Think of all possibilities, see things from all possible angles.  Your decisions that you make will follow you for the rest of this lifetime.  <br /><br />


Like I said, the decisions that you make will last you for the rest of THIS lifetime.  What if there was another lifetime?   There is a lifetime that exists and is the bi-location point for your very existence.  This is called the Alternate Reality.  Alternate reality exists in an alternate plane in an alternate life that you have made for yourself on a different plane.  <br /><br />


Every time you make a decision, the other decision is abandoned; but what would have happened if it hadn’t?  Would your life be better?  Would it be worse?  Keeping in mind Newton’s Third Law of Motion, there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action.  The spiritual world is not different.  With this being said, there is an alternate realm, where many alternate forms of yourself exist spiritually.  They are all the realities that would’ve existed had you made different choices in your lifetime.  <br /><br />


What I’m offering you is a piece that will give you the opportunity to visit the realm that holds all of your alternate realities.  The piece is called a Crystal Time Orb.  It will allow you to stop time and the Realm of Alternate Realities.  You be given the ability to visit the many forms of yourself that would have been your current reality as you know it, but aren’t.  They are all functioning, separate realities that are apart from the one you know now.  <br /><br />


Not only will you be given the ability to see these realities, but you will also be given the opportunities  to become these realities.  After all, these realities are simply you; and your what ifs of yesterday.  Just be careful when using this piece.  Remember all reactions have an equal and opposite reaction.  You never know what your life may have in store for you; and the grass is not always greener on the other side.  <br /><br />


Aside from this ability, this piece will give you spiritual and psychic abilities that are necessary for communicating with other spirits in the first place.  I’m envisioning this piece being a quick seller, so if this is “your” piece, let me know today!!  <br /><br />

Alternate Realities; Crytal Time Orb
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