Amulet of Life

Amulet of Life<br /><br />

This was found as a reverent token in a wishing well outside of Wichita, Kansas. We were traveling through when we were on our way to an exorcism in Topeka and stopped for lunch when we started up a conversation with our waitress. <br /><br />

She could tell we were from out of town from our 'accents', or rather lack there of! <br /><br />

When we started discussing what we were doing in Kansas and told her about our company, she told us that we had to check out a wishing well that was just a few miles up the road.<br /><br />

Molly, our waitress, informed us that there have been many miracles that have come true due to the affects of the wishes that were made at this well. She also told us that many people do not believe, or rather mock the well and so they do not receive anything and therefore call it a hoax.<br /><br />

Cindy had us intrigued and off and as soon as we were done eating we were en-route to the well.<br /><br />

The well had cobblestone built up around it and there were park style benches that you could sit on and just enjoy the area --- it was set up like a fountain would be in the middle of a mall.<br /><br />

Energies in the air were very static and full of rich, alluring vibes.<br /><br />

Deedee, Steve and I each made a wish --- and then right after my wish I saw a ray of light beam upon the ground. It caught my attention from the corner of my eye and made my sight go blurry for a moment. When I was able to see in full perspective again, I went over to the ground and found this piece. <br /><br />

I was excited because the item had an enchanted force-field around it -- I called Deedee over as I wasn't sure what would happen if I picked it up. <br /><br />

She said the illuminated glow that it was giving off showcased that it was invoked with life energy.<br /><br />

We scooped up the amulet and brought it back with us for testing. <br /><br />

We learned that the piece holds the ability of Life detection, it will identify the presence and nature of lifeforms. <br /><br />

There are many advantages to being able to detect life even when the being is not visible through normal sight. You will be able to pull powers and energies form the entities. When wearing this piece you will be able to see the surrounding entities that are in your area --- being witness to their actions and obscurities that take place will empower you to have knowledge and power over forces that generate prospects in the present world.<br /><br />

Spirits control what happens now more than people know! They can interfere with what we seek out to do, and then we are unaware as to why the plan doesn't work out --- with this detection piece you will be able to forecast and fortify the happenings of the world. <br /><br />

I later learned that Deedee wished for a life detection piece as she wanted us to experience what we she sees all the time.<br /><br />

After experiencing the excitement of getting to walk a mile in her shoes, or rather witnessing what her eyes see --- we decided it wasn't fair for only one of us to gain the power, so Steve and I said we would allow it to be sold to a customer!<br /><br />

This is an ultimate controlling item, as you will gain true and pure knowledge of the apparitions of the Universe --- this is a great detection piece that will bring ultimate ambiguity to your life. <br /><br />

Amulet of Life
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