Amun's Singer

I will give credit to the group of Spanish archaeologists who did the ground work on this piece.  I mean, they didn't actually make the piece.  They did, however, uncover the sarcophagus that we extracted the power of this piece from.  They found it during restoration work at the tomb of Amenhotep, also known as tomb TT40.  It is located in the Qurnet Murai Necropolis, which is part of the Greater Theban Necropolis, located on the west bank of the Nile River.  

The coffin that was found is carved from wood.  It is covered with plaster.  Lastly it has been painted with scenes that depict an array of ancient Egyptian gods.  Examples of these Gods inlcude Thoth, Anubis, Osiris, Isis, and the four sons of Horus.  The mummy itself is wreapped in linen and its face is covered with a mask.  Around its neck is a pendant of some sort and on its head is a wig decorated with a flower crown.  A text deciphered on the tomb suggests that this mummy was "Amun's Singer."  This suggests that the mummy is a girl mummy, as was the usual case in those dasy.  Men in the temple would play instruments while women would sing songs of prayer and praise.  

We sent a group of our own people to hold an investigation into the newly found sarcophagus.  The result is very simple, but yet very powerful group of items.  We actually have several of these pieces and they make great Christmas presents, as it is that time of year.  The purpose of the singer mummy was to sing to Amun, even in death.  Her songs were intended to sanctify the tomb, bring the blessings of the gods and to instill the wealth of Amun even in death.  Overall, it was her job to make sure that the tomb of Amun remained holy and wealthy.   This is the same principle we went with when we were channeling the presence of "Amun's Singer" into these pieces.  

With one of these pieces, "Amun's Singer" will sing into the realm of the Gods on your behalf, essentially bringing you the divine protection of all the Gods of Light.  They will watch over your life and destiny as if they were a white light spiritual GPS.  They will keep you safe from harm and danger, especially on the spiritual front, where there are always bad presences trying to win over souls to the dark side.  Well, they can just forget about it when you have this piece.  If someone makes bad wishes against you or spells or anything of that sort, it will immediately be sent back to them time 100.

Additionally, "Amun's Singer," will sing wealth entrapment spells.  What this means is that this piece will sing across the realms to entrap wealth and then funnel it back to your mortal existence.  You will not have to worry about where your wealth and living will come from, because with this piece, your monetary needs will be fulfilled as money will somehow just show up as "Amun's Singer" finds it on your behalf.  

So there you have it... simple but yet very powerful, as this is all Egyptian magic in raw form.  You don't want to skip out on one of these pieces. 


We are no longer selling the made pieces,this is an original and the only one we have. I have no idea what it is made of. My guess is that it is a size 6.

Amun's Singer
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