An Original Certified Miracle Relic

An Original Certified Miracle Relic<br /><br />

This a very special piece.  It exhibits some of the most powerful religious magic, in its purest white form.  We have all tested this piece and have had very powerful, meaningful experiences with it.  That's not all, though.  This piece has been certified authentic by the Holy See of the Catholic Church.  It has been certified and authenticated because after many tests that the Holy See conducted with it, they have concurred that this piece has the ability to perform miracles-- as powerful as the ones Jesus performed and Moses and Aaron before Him.  They have concurred, as have we at HC, that this piece contains the raw, unadulterated powers of Heaven.<br /><br />

Looking at this piece, it tells you a lot about the powers.  It contains the Star of Bethlehem that is going to lead you along a spiritual path.  It will allow you to hold the manifestations of Jesus Christ and his venerated Saints.  You will gain their wisdom and powers and abilities.  The piece itself depicts the Holy Crown of God.  This will give you the enlightenment and wisdom of existence, which will allow you to supercede all esoteric powers, to control the white magic of God.  This is the power he used during the creation of the Universe.  It is the power that makes this piece capable of performing miracles and granting powers.<br /><br />

The stones on the piece are all real stones that have been fused with the famous "Blood of the Lamb."  The power that emanates from these droplets will free you of your iniquity, cleansing your mind, body, and soul.  It will eliminate evil and give you the power of Holy Dominion over all things.  It will strenghten and multiply any powers that you currently showcase and it will open your mind up for the ability to acquire all new powers. <br /><br />

The center rim is the Holy Eye of the Blessed Virgin.  The presence of the Virgin will remain with you and cloak your inner spiritual existence with a blanket of purity and divinity.  It protects you from all evil, just as a mother who protects her new born child.  She will steer you clear of troubles and keep your on a righteous way.  This will allow your mind to always be in the right place, that way your powers can ferment and manifest, so you can use your new piece to perform many white-light miracles.<br /><br />

All of this is made possible by the existence of the Holy Spirit, who is the communication of God.  The Holy spirit is the one that will liken you unto an angel to receive all the gifts that God has to offer.  He will act as an intercessory power and break down the barrier between the realms, baptizing your soul with the Fire of of the Lord. <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful and has granted each of us at Haunted Curiosity our own miracle.  For instance, Jason used this piece to nurse his kitten back to health after she developed Feline Leukemia!!<br /><br />

An Original Certified Miracle Relic
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