An Original Illuminati Piece

Illuminati Anyone?

Illuminati refers to a secret society who has many ties into the central banking systems, politics, media, and many social aspects of our lives.

As there are numerous secret societies in today's power structure, The Illuminati are pegged as one of the key influences while other societies are of lower prestige. They are known to be the bearers of a secret knowledge that has been passed down for centuries.

The term,Illuminati is of Latin decent: Enlightened ;- may refer to the fact they are enlightened by a secret knowledge.

The members pay worship to the Ancient Sun God Amen-Ra, and therefore are illuminated or made special by their God.

This society exists in the context of a Global Elite ; the members study politics and keep their findings secret, we, as 'normal' humans, are fed watered down or downright fabricated news. We are left out of the loop, and that is clear.

Gaining a key into the secrets and the world of the political enigma is something many wish they could obtain. We came across the answer to many peoples prayers; a portal that unlocks the hidden secrets of a member of the Illuminati society.

This piece was a symbol that recognized the man as a member of this hush-hush society. By bonding with this item you will be looked upon as a member of the society and will astrally be able to visit the realm in which the members correlate and meet in.

This is an amazing item that unlocks secret enchantments that will help you become extremely powerful in our physical world. Knowledge is power and by having secret information come forth to you, will make you so knowledgeable and smart that people will look at you with divine eyes; you will be looked at as a mystical powerhouse that no one will want to mess with~

An Original Illuminati Piece
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