An Original Water Nymph

Greshan Adel is looking for a MAN!<br /><br />

Greshan Adel is a Welsh water faerie; she is a beautiful lake maiden who is looking to take a mortal to be her husband. <br /><br />

One well-known fairy of this clan showcased her tale of finding her mate~ <br /><br />

One day a young man who used to graze his cattle by a small lake, near the Black Mountains, saw a most enchanting creature rowing gently to and fro in a golden boat on the surface of the lake.<br /><br />

He fell deeply in love with her and offered her some of the bread he had brought from home for his lunch. She answered that the bread was too hard and disappeared into the depths. The young man's mother gave him some unbaked dough to take with him the next day and he offered this to the faerie but she answered that it was too soft and again disappeared. On the third day he took some lightly baked bread, which passed. <br /><br />

At the depiction of  the 'proper' offering three figures rose from the lake; an old man with a beautiful daughter on either side of him. The girls were identical and the father told the young farmer that he was willing to offer him the daughter with whom he was in love, if he could point her out. The farmer would have given up in despair but one slightly moved her foot and he, recognizing her slipper, won her hand. <br /><br />

This may seem odd, but this ordeal was sanctity to purify the true connection of the energies of love that was felt. This faerie was Harper and she married and built a life with the young farmer. They have been blessed with 3 children and have been empowered with her blessings. <br /><br />

Love is hard to find and when you do find it, you know it! The concoction of feelings and intense energies will enchant your heart and flood your soul. Water faeries are enticed to fall in love with someone who loves them... appearance and occupation have no determination. The ideas of Harper's story showcased that you notice the little details, such as the shoes, when you love someone -- so even being next to an identical sister with the same outfit will not hinder your choice of which sister you love!<br /><br />

Greshan is looking to bring love and a foundation to a man in need. We do not often find many love tokens that are just for men --- so this is a rarity.<br /><br />

You will be visited by Greshan in dreams at first, and if your aspirations of feelings progress and you end up loving her, then she will physically come forth and share her life with you!<br /><br />

Be aware that her father could question you, or 'test' you somehow... so make sure you attest and understand all you can about her as she flourishes your mind and fills your body with her energies!<br /><br />

This is an amazing item and we let a few people test, but only for up to 3 days, because any longer and we were afraid they would fall in love ~<br /><br />

Cheers to your happiness! <br /><br />

An Original Water Nymph
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