Ancestral Protection and Prosperity of the Mighty Mo'o

Imagine a large, water serpent wrapped around you and your family you keeping you safe- now, and for generations to come.  You find yourself in the coils of the Mystical Mo'o- an ancient spirit that will guard you and your descendants.  The Mo'o is Primeeval Deity from the Enchanted Islands of Hawaii.  The Mo'o are Spirits that have the ability to shape-shift into people, animals, whatever they wish- though their true form is that of a giant, fierce some, snake.  They are said to control the land of dreams and prevent you, and your family for generations) from ever having nightmares.  If any evil attempts to penetrate your dreams, they will destroy it or banish it.  They will also prevent your waking mind from troubling you as well- if their are any thoughts that worry you, the Mo'o will deal with them.  As your family continues to grow, so will Mo'o- each generation will add a new vertebrae to the serpent increasing its size and strength.  The Mo'o also grants the household health, prosperity, fertility, and riches- just for being a part of the family.  There is no particular or special ritual required to summon the Mo'o- once you have this piece in your possession, the Protection and Prosperity of the Mo'o is yours and everyone in your bloodline.  You will almost feel the tendrils of security envelope you.

Ancestral Protection and Prosperity of the Mighty Mo'o
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