Angel Tears

This piece is very unique in the way that it was made.  It holds divine white light, but does not come from the realms of Heaven.  Instead, the powers in this piece come from the Garden of Eden.  The ring holds any clear beads.  These beads are not simply beads, but are the tears of angels that have been spilled in the Garden of Eden.  

The Garden of Eden has gone from lost human oasis to a realm where God stores up his angel armies for the coming of times.  In those days Satan’s army of darkness will reign, but only temporarily.  This is what God has his angel armies for.  That’s besides the point.  The point is the angels now live in the Garden of Eden.  

At least once pers day, God comes to the Garden to check on his angels.  When he does the skies open up and he descends from his throne into the Garden.  In complete awe-struck wonder, the angels begin to sing praises and to weep.  Their tears fall to the ground, which not only maintains the magical power of the Garden of Eden, but grows it.  The Garden thrives on the energy of the angel tears for its magic.  

This ring contains the tears of angels, that have been solidified and brought back to the mortal realm.  These tears are useful for several things.  First, they grant miracles.  Any miracle you ask of them.  They cast out demons and can be used in exorcisms and other spiritual rites.  They will destroy all evil forces in your life and rid you of bad luck or misfortune.  Finally, they will do healings and cleansings, both physical and spiritual.

For the size of this ring, it surely is something very special.  It’s extremely powrful and you don’t want to miss your chance with this phenomenal power!!   

Angel Tears
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