Angel in the ER

Angel in the ER<br /><br />


This is a personal piece that I have been asked by a friend of mine to share.  It is a all white-magic piece and is not capably of doing any type of magic but white magic.  It comes from a friend of mine, Maddy, who recently has had a near death experience.  Maddy was in a severe car accident recently, during which she had to transported by helicopter to a facility that was properly equipped to deal with her injuries.  <br /><br />

She has since recovered, but she says that the experience was very traumatic.  She said it was bittersweet because she was also very enlightened during her where death seemed nearly around the corner.  For Maddy, it was her scary experience that brought her powers from an angel, that she now wants to share with others. <br /><br />

Maddy says she remembers everything from driving away from her house.  Sitting at the red light and then looking up and to the left to see that the van wasn't going to stop.  Her remembrance of the rest was spotty, but she said she distinctly remembers hearing voices like echoes asking her is she was alright and seeing her body parts lying on the ground in front her of her.<br /><br />

After that it all got white.  Not really white, as far as maddy can recall, but rather a misty type of existence.  She saw what she could only describe as a ring of golden light coming closer and closer to her.  She remembers thinking that this was it-- it was time to meet her maker.<br /><br />

She crossed over into the realm of angels and as the light approached and became closer, it began to take the form of a guardian angel, and as it got even closer, Maddy could see that the angel that was sent to her was her grandmother.  Her grandmother implored that Maddy return, because it wasn't her time yet, but Maddy didn't really know what to do.  It's not like she had chosen to come here.  <br /><br />

Meanwhile, on the outside, Maddy's vital signs were in a comatose state.  She had been literally scraped up off the highway, but things were beginning to be put back together.  She lay there in a coma and her family was just as anxious for her return as her grandmother.  <br /><br />

Maddy's Grandmother gave her this piece.  It allowed her to travel back to the realm of the living for a second chance.  Maddy remembers her grandmother standing next to her as they both hovered over Maddy's body in esoteric form.  Her grandmother told her that it wasn't time for her yet, that she needed to return.  The piece that her grandmother had given her began to glow and the next thing Maddy remembers is choking and waking up out of her coma.<br /><br />

It took Maddy months to recover, but she finally managed to get back to semi-normal condition.  When she was better she said she wanted me to pass this piece onto somebody who needed a second chance like she did.  She gave me the piece and began testing it immediately. <br /><br />

After several weeks of testing, I have found that this piece holds a power that activates itself when it has bonded with your soul.  You will receive white light divination that will allow you to travel to the other side just as Maddy had done.  While you are here, you will be given the secret of white powers and magic.  You will be given your own personal guardian angel, who will give you a second chance at life.  <br /><br />

You angel will spiritually renew you and liken your heart to a child's heart, allowing you to soak up all the precious rays of white light powers.  YOur angel will grant wishes for you that will grant you wealth, power, success, and others.   Maddy never told anyone about the piece.  She simply kept it secret, but it does come from the realm of Heaven.  It is crafted out of the finest materials from Heaven and you will gain special psychic and telekinetic energy that goes along with the powers of Heaven.  This will allow you to seek out and communicate with entities from across all levels and realms of Heaven and white light. <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful and was given to Maddy as her own personal "reset" button.  Now, it can do the same thing for you if you will let it.  It is available now, and trust me, you don't want to turn this one down.  <br /><br />

Angel in the ER
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