Angelic Bestowed Charm

Angelic Bestowed Charm ~

This piece is not from the Holy Lands, but have been with me for 10 years. This is an item that I, Jason, have used for personal benediction. I had visions that I was going to be in a tragic car accident as a young age and I felt an urge to purchase this piece years ago. I hung this on a string from my cars rear view mirror and I always felt at peace and felt a force that seemed to surround my vehicle -- I know now that it was the Angels within this piece protecting me!

My grandma had 3 mini strokes and things were not looking very good; our family brought forth our love for her and showcased our prayers for her fast recovery.

I took this blessed piece to her and hung it in her hospital room --- she had a miraculous recovery. I was told from the research that the charm holds angelic enlightment -- they bless the area where they are displayed and make negative energies revoke. I feel that because of the power in this charm that my grandma was able to feel Gods healing grace that much more due to the angelic energies that are within it!

Anyone who knows my grandma would never know that she had any strokes, she is as vibrant and kooky as ever! Her presence bonds my family together and I am thankful for the enriched glory that this symbolic piece brought our family.

This is a protection relic that will glorify you with compassion and blessings of enlightenment~

Angelic Bestowed Charm
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