Angelic Forces Provoked/F*

Angelic Forces Provoked/F*

Many people feel the desire to trace their family roots and learn things about their heritage. While looking back at my family background I found detailed findings of German descent; secrets of alchemial research and magic spells. My parents wanted to take a trip to Germany so we could better understand some of the things we had discovered.

We planned a trip for mid October, last year, and had an amazing time. The favorite area for all of us was Wurzburg; this is where we uncovered the work of Abra-melin, titled The Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage. This was written when he was 96 in order to be left as a book of knowledge for his son, Lamech. He wanted his legacy of power to live on.

In this book we uncoded the meaning of some of the details. He had written down the invocation of angelic forces and presented a series of magical rituals; these rituals would take 6 months to perform. This book of knowledge is a great compliment for any occultist --- you can purchase copies of the book, although they have been through many versions of translation. I copied down a portion of the original transcript that held a spell to evoke angelic forces.

I brought what I retrieved from my journey to Deedee and we began the long process of riulalizing several pieces with power. The ritual endured weekly endowments of strength that we had to relinquish unto the pieces; we did this for the 6 month period.

After the time had passed we tested the pieces we used and they are all filled with intense magical powers! These best work with the invocation of angelic forces, they presented results propounded by the magnum opus; this allows conversation between the bearer of one of these pieces and their guardian angel.

Many people question if their guardian angel is really with them, and with one of these endowed pieces you will be certain that you are being looked over. These pieces have undergone the magical ritual that Abra-melin intended for his legacy to live on. The pieces are pure white power and hold divine abilities --- we know your guardian angel will come to you, but are uncertain of the other blessings that you may endure. These pieces will bring you pure power.

Angelic Forces Provoked/F*
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