Angelic Know-it-alls

Damascus plays a very pivotal role in the coming of the End Times.  The destruction of Damascus is prophesied in the Bible.  It is a lot to talk about and is very complicated, but I assure you that the prophesy exists and not only that-- all you have to do is look around you.  Everything that has been talked about in the Bible is coming to pass.  Israel is surrounded.  Nuclear war is all but imminent.
What I am concerned about is not the End of old times, but the beginning of new times.  This piece was found in a covert place that is called the Forbidden Temple.  This Temple stands-- or stood-- somewhere in present-day Syria.  I cannot tell you the location of the temple, because I really just don't know.  It was sent to us in the mail, by an "anonymous" source.  The only thing that it came with was a brief description of what it does and that was it.  We tried tracking where it came from, but there was nothing. Whomever sent this to us wanted to make sure that its origins remain a mystery.  
What was told to us is that this piece awakens one of the ancient Grigori, who are in the Forbidden Temple.  The Forbidden Temple is not some unholy house of evil as it suggests.  Rather it is the place that houses the Grigori, the ancient angels that God created as guides for human kind.  They were sent by God to guide and assist man during the beginning of civilization.  
The problem is that these angels were given free-will just as man has been given.  The Grigori were created with all the knowledge of the Lord.  They were originally meant to be guide spirits from the beginning of times until the end of times.  They were supposed to still be around, but they aren't because they spilled the beans.  While they were sent to guide humans in the right direction, there are secrets of God that just weren't supposed to be divulged.  
As free-will angels, the Grigori decided that they wanted to share this information with the humans.  The Grigori were then locked away in the Forbidden Temple, holding the Forbidden Knowledge just as the Tree of Knowledge once held.  They can tell the time span of the world, from its beginning until its end.  They hold all knowledge and are sometimes referred to as the Watchers.  This is because they see all things.  This is the way they were designed by God, to see and know all things.  
This piece that was sent to us is the conjuring of one of the Grigori Angels.  These angels know all things and they will share those things with you.  They can show you things that you never thought possible, like the beginning of time before the world even existed.  They can show you times as they will be at the End of Times.  They will give you all the secret hidden meanings of life from sacred numerology and geometry to the 72 hidden names of God.  They will show all that will come to pass in the Book of Revelations and the Book of Daniel.  You will know all the secrets.  They will not be shown to you in code or disguised by prophetic symbolism.  You will see literally the meaning of things like the number 666, the beast with the horns, the four horsemen, the seven plagues.  There is nothing that won't be shown to you, because there is nothing that these Grigori angels do not know.  
Angelic Know-it-alls
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