Angelic Mailbox

Angelic Mailbox

Death does not mean you are gone forever, it merely means that your physical body is no longer present for others to see, touch and appreciate.

Your soul will allow you to be with those you love and give signs and tactics for them to realize that you are with them, however some people are still not consoled by this and want more.

This is a mailbox that is linked to the divine measures of the afterlife and will allow you to be imparted with messages from those you wish to talk to!

You will be able to do two main things with this... request assistance with things to get what you want and desire, and directly "mail" out your imperial wishes and messages for those who have passed on.

Delivered to the spirits by a divine interjection, this mailbox is your portal path to generate communication and impart your desires to those above who can help you through their guidance and knowledge.

A truly imperial item that will bring you coveted sparks of angelic prosperity!!

Angelic Mailbox
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