Angelic Shield of Unity

One of the most sought after items of empowerment is for protection. There are incredibly strong forces that come forward and try to pull us into their misery.

Spirits linger all around us, and although most are good and will never harm us, there are those that will~!

A warm body is what they seek to be able to encompass their demise upon the world. A person who died in vain will rise through a body to try and get revenge. Often when you hear about young kids who have killed someone, or a tradgedy where they say the person showed no signs of depression, or mental issues -- this is due to the fact that a spirit has exiled their body and used them to do their dirty work!

There could be no ties at all between the murderer and the victim, but the spirit who was within could have been bullied by the human who was just laid out!

This piece is a family protection item -- this will prevent evil spirits from lingering around your loved ones.... they will have a shield around their aura which will prevent anyone from being able to mess with them.

The piece was blessed with water fro a divine spring in Israel, known to be the strongest Holy water... the Angel to the side signifies the eneries from Soxan, a merciful protector Angel, who will transpire his power upon you and your family. He will impliment the shield personally around those you love and no entry from vengeful spirits will be possible!

Peace of mind is yours with this piece~!

Angelic Shield of Unity
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