Angelic Transformation ,ANGELIC WINGS

Angelic Transformation -

When Victor was 18 he didn't believe in religion and had a small hatred -- or should I say a dislike -- toward God.

When he would visit his mother, he would always stay there for at least two months; and as always, the last week of his stay was always a bit rough, because he had to get ready to return to Europe; where he lives his life.

Victor can remember clearly the day his experience happened. It was the last day together with his mother, and both of them were in an apartment close by the airport.

They were sad, the day was hot and they were just "hanging around" since his flight back to Europe was in a few hours. After they had lunch, his mother was preparing my luggage. Victor was never capable of stuffing all of his clothes and personal belongings in the bags, and she would always say, "Give that to me. I will take care of it...."

Victor was lying on a bed, sadly relaxing before the 12-hour flight, thinking of life in general. He didn't really want to go back and a small sense of depression suddenly hit him. He saw a book laying on the bed; it was his mother's, she bought it a few days earlier.

The book was about angels and was 300 or more pages thick. He couldn't remember the name of it. To get rid of negative thoughts and dullness, he started reading this book.

When he touched the book, he got a really strange, eerie feeling; he said it is hard to describe.

The first few chapters were about religion and our society, after which there was a long chapter detailing many wonderful experiences of people meeting their guardian angels, either in a near-death experience or in normal life, under hard situations.

Victor remembers reading the book and every chapter to this day very well, due to the fact that the book just stunned him. He was so into it that while reading he paid no attention to the world around him.

He got half way through the book and noticed that time shifted real fast, and his mother was just looking at him like, "It's time to go to the airport." He got up and was granted a smack into the face from his good old friend reality.

On the way to the airport his aunt was driving and his mother and him were just looking out of their windows wondering quietly. When they got to the airport they woke up from the silence because they had to get organized.

They were looking at the information table, searching for Victor's check-in. But they just couldn't find it, so they went to the nearest information desk where they were told that his flight was canceled and the next flight only would be the next day in the evening.

All of this was a pile of stress for his mother, but he got an instant rush of happiness when he heard this. They drove back to the apartment and enjoyed their extra time together, had a good dinner and because they were quite tired, they went to bed early.

Victor read a few more pages of the angel book and then fell asleep.

He recalls that he began to dream, and upon awaking from it his experience happened. This dream was not like any other dream he ever had, it was, as stated by him, very real.

Victor had trouble in his life accepting God, and he believed the dream had something to do with this. He remembers this dream very well because it was the beginning of his angel experience.

As he was falling asleep, he slowly started to get into a "vision"....

When it started, he found himself falling down through pitch-black darkness, very fast and unwillingly; he says that he could see a small red dot far below him. As he was traveling, the dot became bigger and bigger and he realized that he was getting closer and closer to it and started feeling really uncomfortable and warm, almost hot.

Victor didn't understand what was going on, but he quickly came to the thought that the warmth was coming from this "dot".

When the warmth had become an unbearable heat, he realized that he was being pulled down to Hell by a force in which he could not fight against. Victor was at the entrance of it but did not see anything; he kept his eyes closed from the heat, which did not help at all.

Suddenly, he felt a strong evil run throughout his whole body - most intensely around his heart. It simply engulfed him and he started screaming, but it seemed his screaming and fighting back was futile, for something -- or a few things -- grasped his legs and started pulling him into the "entrance" with such a force that it completely shocked his entire entity, and all of his senses.

He thought that this cannot be, but it was, and in his worst moments, an extremely bright light, a blinding light, appeared out of nowhere.

With the light came absolute silence and peace. Victor was totally puzzled. The heat disappeared and those forces around him became harmless.

Then he saw a being in this light, which immediately grabbed him by his shoulders and pulled him out of that place and with great speed. He found himself traveling up and away with a smile on his face. He understood that he had been saved by an angel.

Victor could not see into the angel's face for some reason; that puzzled him.

I guess you could say, well what's so strange about that? It was just a nightmare, which everyone has from time to time. Well, this nightmare was very real, and when he awoke, he was not frightened at all, but Victor was lying perfectly calm on his back; fully aware of his senses, he was wide awake and the best part of the experience was yet to happen!

He found out that he could not feel his body. It was a sensation hard to describe. Victor could not move for awhile at all; he could only move his eyes. Once again, I remind you that he was wide awake and full of energy and was lying on the mattress, but he simply could not feel any gravitational pull nor the weight of his body.

Victor could not feel any pressure of the mattress under him. He was just lying there, "floating," and he had a very extremely pleasant feeling of goodness, tranquility and love, which enveloped him and the entire room. The sensation lasted for about three minutes, and he will tell you, those were the most wonderful minutes of his entire life! He just smiled and fell asleep like a baby after the sensation was gone.

The next day, Victor felt reborn and full of energy, and he understood that he was given a chance to turn back to God again, and that the angel who was in the room after his dream made sure that his flight would be canceled so he could spend another day with his family.

His mother and him visited a few friends and enjoyed themselves as if he was never to fly back to Europe again.

In the evening they got to the airport, but this time everybody was happy and full of joy, even though Victor was leaving and wouldn't see them for a long time.

After returning to Europe Victor dove into his spirituality and reveled in the amazement of his new found faith. He was able to correspond his enlightenment with us and we sent him a piece to bestow his faith. It was sort of a a baptismal gift.

The piece was a favorite of Deedee's, it is from a Priest who preached in the Vatican church. Victor loved the item and said with it he was granted access to see, and meet, his guardian angel and was given dreams that came from the piece to grant him blessings and wellness.

He is now a complete white light transitionalist who wants to help and assist others who are unwary of their religion and what track they are traveling!

After reminiscing about the experience of his journey... Victor wanted someone else to feel the enchantment and blessings that have encompassed his life over the past several years.

We now have the piece back and it is available for purchase. This is a life-changing piece of enlightened blessings that will not last!

Angelic Transformation ,ANGELIC WINGS
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