Anita's Appealing Appetite

Anita's Appealing Appetite

Elizabeth lived in a house that she often felt was a bit peculiar. She just thought it had history due to its age and took for granted some odd things that had happened throughout her life.

Now she is in her 20's, and still living in that house..  she recently awoke to see a short woman with her hair in a bun and a white apron over an old fashioned dress standing by her bed who quickly vanished.

She said she had many experiences of being in that half awake and unable to move state, while hearing voices talking and people moving around in the house. Once while she was in that state and unable to move, she felt and heard something leap quickly into bed beside her and lie there growling menacingly.

Elizabeth remained still and the sounds stopped and the feeling seized -- she then  was able to move!

She contacted us for help. We traveled to Minnesota to perform a cleansing and learned that Anita Beckall, lived in the home back in the late late 1800's.. she was a temptress who used magic to reveal allure to men.

She was a modest woman who was not known as a beauty -- so she began referencing spells to implore men to find her attractive. She used many castings to bring the most eligible bachelors forward and she had men at her beckon call.

What we learned was that Anita was trying to use Elizabeth's body to still pull pleasure to herself, even now in spirit form... she tried to scare her with the growling to enhance Elizabeth's energies which would allow Anita easier access to her spirit.

We found this pin in the attic of the home when investigating and it covets a picture of Anita. We pulled her spirit from the home and placed it within this piece.

You can welcome Anita into your life and she will radiate your body to bring those you desire near you! This will work for women, or men, straight or gay.

Her arousing energies will allow you to pick the partner, but she will then target them with her majestic spells and they will be at your beckon call.

Have you always had you eye on someone you are just too shy to talk too? Maybe you feel they are out of your league? Well not matter the instance, you can now take control and get with whoever you want by allowing Anita to help you!

This is a phenomenal piece of pleasure and spiritual sexual allure and ecstasy!

Anita's Appealing Appetite
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