Annunaki Disparity of Age, AUGUST SALE


As we get older our senses begin to weaken. People strain to see as their eyes lose clarity and are unable to focus.

The sounds begin to sound dampened, the lovely sound of birds chirping in the morning is now a muffled annoyance as it hurts your ears.

Smells become inherently less noticeable, which in turn affects your ability to taste things.

It seems that all things pallable to your life begin to decrease and diminish.

But now we have the answer for you, or for that loved one you know has been experiencing some of these ailments!!

This is an Annex, and through the powers of anunnaki magic it has been fortified to awaken your senses~!!

You can bring back your senses and again enjoy the little things that started to, or have, faded away causing a lessening in the quality of your life.

What an amazing piece!!

Annunaki Disparity of Age, AUGUST SALE
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