Anointing Enoch—the most POWERFUL God piece EVER


Anointing Enoch—the most POWERFUL God piece EVER

These vials contain ancient oil that has been used throughout the centuries for different purposes. Please don’t ask me how I came into contact with these oils, because it really is a scenario that if I told you I’d have to kill you. Just know that NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is supposed to know that this supply of oil exists. It has been hidden since God created the Earth. He needed a place to store this holy oil, so he thought it would be good to hide it here on Earth.

After he realized just how crafty humans can become (after all, we are his creation), he commissioned a very powerful to hide this supply of oil in three very fortified and holy sanctuaries he had built. Here’s where a little bit of a twist occurs, because there is a bit of a crossover. I’m sure you all know that Egypt has a very strong influence in the Christianity. It is where Moses was born, where the Jews accomplished their exodus, and where the Christian bloodline descends from.

What nobody else knows is that God sent the great Emperor Khufu a vision. In this vision, he was told to hide a source of great magic beneath his majestic pyramids that he built for the ancients. In the dream, he was instructed by God to build a network of tunnels and underground passageways that led to a deep pool. In this pool is where the oil was to be stored; and so it was.

What’s so special about this oil? It is the original anointing oil of God. This oil has not and cannot ever be replicated. It is the original. It is the same oil that was used to anoint Jesus before the crucifixion. It is the same oil that Enoch was with by the Archangel Michael. It’s time for a history lesson.

At one point in time, Enoch was a normal guy. Well, he was a prophet, but relatively speaking, he was normal. Enoch became close enough to God, that God no longer wanted Enoch as a prophet. God wanted Enoch to serve in a higher capacity—as an angel in his Heavenly host. Thus, God instructed the Archangel Michael to anoint Enoch with his holy anointing oil. After that is was pretty much a wrap.

Enoch was anointed with God’s holy divination oil, which ascended him from Earth, into Heaven. He didn’t just go to any Heaven though. There are actually Ten separate levels of Heaven, and Enoch’s ascension landed him a level known as Aravoth, which is the highest of the ten levels. It is in this level that you are given the exclusive permission to look upon the face of God and known Him for who He really is.

Enoch was frightened, but the Lord instructed him to, “Stand and look into Eternity.” At this, God anointed Enoch with the same oil as before. This began his transformation into one of God’s “holy ones”. Enoch was not just turned into an angel, but was given a “throne next to the throne of glory” on which he was revered not simply as “an angel, but a celestial being exalted above the angelic world.”

Our investigators were able to locate this secret plethora of magical oil. They happened upon it during a search for a different secret chamber. This is what turned up. This is lucky for everyone involved, especially our customers, because in these vials, like I mentioned before, is the oil from the pond of divination that was hidden beneath the ancient pyramids by God manifested thru Khufu.

You will anoint yourself with this oil, which will bring you the same power that it did Enoch. This will allow you to travel the same walk as Enoch, with the ability to make it semi-permanent. This means you will have the ability to travel back to your Earthen realm, while keeping the abilities that you’ve acquire along the way and the divinations that you’ve obtained from God. You will be the incarnate version of Enoch, with powers beyond anyone else’s control.

This oil is not a liquid but more like an oil cream,it is a solid. If you look up this oil that is mentioned in the book of Enoch you will find that the oil is purely supernatural and that it will allow you to change form,into anything. you may also erase old age and live for many,many years that you could not before. you can make changes to not just your body but the mind because it is powerful. When the oil is used it becomes like the hand of God because that is who created it. it will be in a vial.

This is finite supply of oil, though. This means it’s first come, first served. Reserve your stock today, before it is too late. Another chance such as this one will NEVER come along again. Act now, or hold your peace.

We should have a bunch more of these by next week. I have some,Jason and Steve. Steve is testing his over the weekend and I have already done mine. We all agree this is great stuff but I really do not know if I can get more after this so if your interested get it. I can tell you that even if you place it on your face,you will be thrilled. If your using it for supernatural power,again,you will be thrilled.

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