Antares Stargate Vampire

So, you think that you know everything there is to know about vampires, huh?  Well, I can assure you that you don’t even begin to know it all.  There are so many things that I could tell you that would make your head spin.  For instance, the Antares Stargate Vampire.  The what?  See I told you that you wouldn’t even begin to know all things.  I could tell you some things that would make your head spin.   They really, truly would.  

We first learned about the Antares Stargate Vampires during a trip to Russian=.  It wasn’t this most previous time when we visited Russian after visiting France.  It was about a year prior to that.  We were met by very stout men in trench coats and tall fur hats.  I guess this is the preferred garb while in Mother Russia.  I don’t know.  

What I do know is that we were put on a light rail that shot off like a bullet for the Siberian Tundra.  The windows on the train were tinted from the outside, so we had absolutely no way of knowing where we were going, our surroundings, anything like that.  The only thing that we did know is that we were off to somewhere in Siberia, the place where nobody likes to live.  

When we got there, we were escorted into an opening in the Earth.  You’d be surprised how bright the Siberian sun can be when you are in a train for hours upon hours.  We weren’t in the sun for long before we were being led down networks of crystal caves.  Well, they looked like crystal, but they were clearing made of ice.  We descended at a fairly decent rate before flattening out.  We went through a few checkpoints, where the retinas of the eyes of the person who was leading us there were scanned for entry.  I’m telling you, it was some very high tech stuff.  I have yet to see anything that can compete with it.  

After a while we were taken into a room and this is where the meat and potatoes of my story come into play.  Standing there in front of us, approximately 6’3” off the ground, cryogenically frozen of course, was the entity known as the Antares Stargate Vampire.  Of Course, we didn’t know it at the time and were simply in awe of its somewhat ghastly, but definitely humanoid appearance.  According to the Russian government, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the entity had been in its confines since before traveling to the moon was even a twinkle in America’s eye.  That’s why the Russians were overly concerned about the race to the moon, because why bother getting there when it has already come to you--- well, kind of.  

The Antares Stargate Vampire is a special celestial breed of vampire that is half white magic, half black magic.  This makes him dual in nature and able to pick up pretty easily on any type of magic regardless of its origin.  Russian, nor we for that matter, have any idea how this vampire was created, but Russia said that it has been watching and there are more where that came from.  This one crash landed decades ago during a meteor shower that brought down other debris with it as well, including a foreign surveillance satellite from a race that Russia is currently in co-op with.  

As for the vampire,he does not live on blood.  He lives on celestial energy from the Antares star system.  It can only be this kind of celestial energy, no other.   It is what makes him stronger and able to produce more powers.  I’m not sure if they have him frozen as a precautionary method, or what, because according to the people we talked to the being is organic, but immortal.  One thing is for sure, being frozen does not mean a lack of magic.  There have been several items made from the knowledge and intelligence in this being alone.  This being has the knowledge of the whole universe and has been given his magic from the energy that is found at Antares.  Antares is a very active star, so it makes sense.  

According to knowledge taken from the vampire, there is an entire race of individuals just like him, they live in another realm that antares also exists in.  These vampires are all very alike and they all hold the same secret forms of celestial knowledge and secrets.  This is what was found in the vampire’s thoughts.  As for the pieces that were made through the knowledge of this vampire, we have one of those.  

With this piece, you will be able to create miniature black holes that will take you wherever you want to go.  All you have to do is think of a place in your mind and then use this energy to either travel to or create the realm that you see in your head.  If you have not travelled frequently, then this power is still pretty amazing.  I mean who doesn’t want the ability to create realms in their mind that they can literally travel to.  You can put anything into these realms-- wealth, love, any kind of magic, any kind of spell, any kind of entity-- and there is no telling what new stuff you will learn with the knowledge in the item that you are getting.  You can create any power to put into your realm.  The moral is that you will then use these realms to advance your own position.  After all, all the realms you’ve ever traveled to only exist because they were created by somebody else.  Isn’t time you take control?  This is the celestial secret that is guarded by the Antaran Race.  Clearly this being was one of their sons.  His magic has been delivered.  

This piece is nothing to take lightly.  It is extremely powerful.  You can create any realm that you think of, while being able to enter and explore.  It is seriously is a one-of-a-kind item.  

Antares Stargate Vampire
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