Antikythera mechanism

Antikythera mechanism

Move over William Gates... the ancient Greeks were well ahead of you when it comes to computers and technology. These people had actually developed a mechanism of clockwork that was found aboard a shipwreck almost 1800 years ago. Oh yeah, sure, Bill Gates can help you make a power point or sync your Blackberry with your computer’s schedule. The Greeks, though... these guys are serious. They were able to build a machine that allowed travel to the future. What? Yes, they were able to do it many, many, years ago. In fact, this is why their empire was so great, because they were able to visit the future and bring back provisions and ideology that helped their culture flourish. In this way, life has become one big cycle and circle of life. I mean, there are numerous Greek influences throughout modern culture. Coincidence? I don’t think so. They took from us. We take from them. It’s a cycle.

Now, modern scientists don’t know that the mechanism is actually a tool that was recovered, known as the Antikythera Mechanism, is actually an implement of time travel. This is because they haven’t made the discovery we have. We have discovered the piece above, which will work in conjunction with the mechanism, and actually give it it’s power. We were able to perform a reversal magic by conjuring an old time sorcerer, putting the powers present in the mechanism, into the pieces and making the pieces vessels for time travel.

The sorcerer's name is Haldon and he uses all the technology that is both past and present. He is present with this piece and was also part of the Egg,the Toynbee and the Nazi experimentation. There is a LOT of stuff going on with this piece! For the first time we have had a break through in the Toynbee tiles which has led us to yet again Nazi experimentation. The ring we have now which is all gold was found in a cave at a location I will keep secret. We have also found that they were doing experimentation on Aliens.

While it all sounds crazy they are starting to tie in with each other. One of the things we found when out by the hidden cave was that the blood of a time traveled alien will glow a purple color. Those video's are now on Youtube but I have to make them available for you all to watch. At this time they are private. I will do that today if I get the chance,if not then tomorrow.

To hold the blood of the aliens or even dip it into something is like a full power boost but that is not what this is about. This piece holds the alien figure head,the cause of all alien DNA or as some of you would have in yourself. This piece can be used for so much from,time travel,to cleansing and everything in between. Some can not have religious rites done on them if they are attacked this will also prevent that.

Another thing we have found through testing is that the Gold IS cap Stone gold! This is all real with no markings on it what so ever. The Cap Stone gold combined with the Alien DNA plus the sorcerer and the ancient Greek magic,Nazi experimentation and at this point God knows what else makes this a one of a kind find!

While looking for answers as to why your strange this is it. Looking to time travel AND a seal what you want magic wise,don't pass it up.

This item has gone through extensive testing for the past year. The video of the cave will be coming soon.

Antikythera mechanism
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