Aphrodite's Adoration

This piece holds an ultra powerful spell that is infused with the genetic factors of physical beauty and love~!

This is meant for the woman who wants to be her BEST! To put her best face, her most beautiful face, forward to the world!

You will be able to use the inherent powers within to call Upon the Goddess Aphrodite; she will bless you in all thing --- these will grant you an overwhelming abundance of love and beauty in your life!

This is a heirloom piece to keep and wear, to pass down to your daughter, granddaughter or other female members of your family line! It was originally passed to Deedee from her Grandmother, a gift to her from a Grecian Priestess of the old days. She had invoked the mighty Goddess Aphrodite to add her energy into this vessel~To gift it and all who wear it with her Divine Power and blessings of beauty and love!

We had Grizzelle add many more factors to this already empowered piece --- it also has castings to impart love, passion, desire, sex, beauty, physical enhancement, and youth~!

There are also ancient spells of physical attractiveness and of physical attraction; beauty spells both for the inner you, as well as the outer you; sexual satisfaction; passion; sensuality; sexual magnetism and control.

** Great piece that will help any woman who does not feel connected with all of her contributed energies, emotions and sexuality --- you will shine bright and assert amazing kinetic powers when you are implemented with the strength of this piece.



Aphrodite's Adoration
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