Aphrodite's Box

Aphrodite's Box

Okay, so you've all heard of Pandora's box.  Well, maybe you haven't... but if you haven't you should probably get out more.  In today's popular culture, references to Pandora's Box refer to the opening of a can of worms.  There is nothing good that can come from anybody saying, "I'm about to open Pandora's Box."  Historically, this metaphor comes from the actual Pandora, who was the first Greek woman.  She was shaped by the gods from clay, who each gave her a special attribute and part of their power.  She was also given a jar with all the evils of the world.  Told not to open it, Pandora just couldn't focus under all the pressure.  Eventually, she opened the jar, not a box as pop culture misidentifies her vessel.  Inside were all the evils of the world.  When Pandora opened the jar all of these evils left from the jar to afflict the world.  Left inside was only one thing... hope.  Go figure. 

Anyhow, this item is about Pandora or her jar.  In fact, it is about a different entity all together who had a container similar to Pandora's.  I'm talking about Aphrodite, the love goddess.  She was born when Cronus cut off Uranus' genitals and threw them into the sea. OUCH!!  And from the sea foam (aphros), arose Aphrodite.  Formally Aphrodite is known as the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.  She was so beautiful and her love power knew such reserved limitation that Zeus immediately married her to Hephaestus fearing that her beauty and love powers would spark controversy and war. 

It is not widely known, and you would have to do some SERIOUS research to be able to find out, but Aphrodite also had a "box."  In her box were the gifts given to her when she was born of the sea with the semen from Uranus' chopped off private parts.  Although Aphrodite only exists in spirit form these days, taking human form as she deems necessary, she keeps a stronghold over her box of secrets, only giving the privilege of knowing her divine love powers to those that she finds worthy.  To know Aphrodite's love powers is nothing short of miracle.  She instills the deepest type of love and passionate connection possible.  She can join two at the heart and make them one in spirit.  She can pair two souls like bread pairs peanut butter and jelly.  There are no evils or dark spells that can undo the love that Aphrodite has done.  Once she has written it, there is no un-writing it. 

This heart vessel has been consecrated with the divine love powers of Aphrodite.  If you press the release button at the bottom of the heart it will open up, revealing two levels.  There is another heart shaped plate on the top that.  It swings open to reveal the second chamber.  This piece is Aphrodite's box.  To use this piece, you must first meditate with it, gaining the favor and blessing of Aphrodite.  Once you have done this, you can use this piece is several ways.  First you can use this piece to create a love bond between two people.  For instance, you can create a bond with your crush or if you are already in a relationship, you can use this piece to strengthen and solidify those bonds. 

You can also use this piece as a sex piece.  Since Aphrodite was the goddess of pleasure, she was also given the gift of this energy.  Believe me, there isn't anybody who can do pleasure like Aphrodite.  If you don't believe me, you can research her.  The mythological circles knew that Aphrodite was good at what she did.  Coupling with Aprhodite can be equated to that feeling you get when the hospital give you morphine through an IV.  Your body kind of just lingers, feeling good all over after an orgasm is transmitted through your veins, inch by inch, filling your whole body with sexual feel-good energy!  This is the sex power that is transmitted via this item!  

Okay, so by now you are probably wondering how this item works.  Well, I though you'd never ask.  On the top layer, you will place a picture of yourself.  On the bottom layer place a picture of the target of these powers.  Obviously, you are one half of the target, but your picture goes on top as to safeguard your secret and because you are the gate into this power.  This next step is extremely important for your box to work.  To secure the pictures use a few drops of your own blood.  You can place a few drops of blood on the back of the picture and place it in its right position.  As the blood dries it will adhere the picture to the item, thus solidifying your connection to the powers of Aphrodite.  This will activate the powers of your piece and the love and sex flow will begin to flourish!!  This piece is very effective.  In fact, we have several previous testers of this piece who have been married to their target while using Aprhodite's Box!  Well, except for the one who just wanted to use for the sex part... he got what he wanted, too!!  Don't miss out on this one!! 



Aphrodite's Box
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