Apotamkin Sexual Vampire

Some creatures appear as inherently evil.  They very well may be; however, that doesn't change the fact that there is a balancing of powers on all things good and evil.  There is always a spell that will allow us to reverse the negative charges of a particular item, or being for that matter, that will allow us only to give out the attributes that are necessary.  We don't believe in necessarily giving out demons or the likes of demons.  This is not only bad karma, but we just don't agree with the evil ways that they represent.  This is why we magically render some of the items that we get.  Not that these items were made intentionally to do evil against us, sometimes that's just the nature of the beast. 

As I've told you all before, I am friend with quite a few Native Americans who are constantly inviting me to their pow-wow.  They know that I'm fascinated by their culture and that I'm a huge paranormal buff. In fact, I have gotten items from them before that I've listed to website.  This is another one of those pieces, except this time the dance that was done was done to attract a specific breed of vampire known as the Apotamkin.  This breed is a kind of succubus who hides in the forest just beyond the distance.  It sings out your name to you, to entrance your state of mind and lead you to them-- kind of like the Greek sirens.  When you get into their confines, they seduce you sexually.  They appear as young and beautiful, in whatever form is most appealing to your taste.  Then, when they are done sending you into sexual Euphoria, they drain you of your life energy and shuck away your lifeless carcass.  Delightful, eh?  

During the Dance of Apotamkin, my Native friends were able to pull through several of these vampires for me.  Afterwards, a few of the team got together to neutralize the powers in this piece.  Now, what you are left with is an all-powerful sexual vampire that lives to make you powerful and to give you mind blowing tantalizing sex. It's that simple.  When you wear your piece, you will summon your Apotamkin spirit who will appear to you in whatever form you find desirable.  They are totally versatile.  They will give you the best sex of your life and during that sex is when you will receive a transfer of energy.  Through this transfer of energy, you will gain all of your vampires powers-- supernatural strength, clairvoyance, hypnotism, the ability to walk through the dreams of others, and the ability to travel a host of other vampiric realms where you will encounter even more powers.  Each time you have sex with your Apotamkin, your powers will grow and amplify, so the more you get sexually satisfied with euphoric orgasms, the stronger your powers will grow.  This is definitely a win-win situation! Enjoy!

Apotamkin Sexual Vampire
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