Aquatic Adaro

A unique creature said to live in the Pacific Ocean and command an army of flying fish, Adaro, is like a Merman but he has a shark fin on his head, and a horn surrounded by gills for a nose. His bottom half is that of a fish, but he has human legs instead of lower fins.

He is said to be seen being held in the air by his army of flying fish or on the back of a rainbow during stormy weather.

He protects all beings in the water. He will protect you, your family and even your fish -- and living entity that is within water. Once you connect with him, he is your warrior to keep your circle safe.

With him around no harm will befall you, or your loved ones; he will also create acts of war in order to get the job done. He has his army with him too.... so no fear or worry.

** If you have a fish tank, or pond, a swimming pool, a house by the bay, or vacation near any body of water -- this is a piece to have. Ensurance of protection from the wild force of natures gust and powerful force of water!
Aquatic Adaro
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