Arabic Djinn --- GH

Arabic Djinn --- GH
This piece holds a rare djinn bound to it --- his name is Abd Al Hamad.
He is an Arabic Djinn, who is of white light. His a certified master, component of his elder he is very powerful!
Some powerful djinn can interfere with friendships and destroy marriages, while others are downright fearsome, shape-shifters, blood thirsty, dreadful and even cannabalistic! 
Don't worry, though, as Abd is extremely powerful, but not to interfere, rather he is awaiting a master! 
His name means "servant of the commendable one" and he will actually protect you from evil, and grant forth essential elements to implore your desires!
What is your wish?  Need help with your magic?  Want a new job? Need more success in your business or with finances.  Connect with this piece and you will be able to use your djinn's energy to reach your goals and your wishes.  You are in control now... get ready to lead and instruct as you will be Abd's new master... and he is ready to improve your life by incorporating his exceptional skills and powers into your world~
Arabic Djinn --- GH
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