Arianrod's Pin of Beauty

Arianrod's Pin of Beauty

This pin holds the spirit of Arianrod, the beautiful goddess of the dawn. She was the Celtic Goddess of the Moon, the Stars and the Sky.

What is extremely important is the fact that Arianrhod is also the Goddess of Feminine Power, an integral part of the Divine Feminine.

Arianrhod was the most powerful of all the children born to the great Mother Goddess Don and her consort Beli; and that she was extremely beautiful, with very pale skin.

She was a Magician Goddess, and she was considered by most to be a Maiden Goddess as well, living her life in much the same manner as the Greek Goddesses Artemis and Athena; surrounded only by women. In reality, however, Arianrhod actually lived a much wilder and freer life, frequently enjoying herself sexually and having a distinct preference for mermen. Arianrhod’s symbols are the cauldron and the white sow. The cauldron was an important symbol of feminine power, in the pre-Christian, Pagan world, while the white sow indicates that she had a strong connection to the Underworld.

Arianrhod is also believed to have a powerful association with the sea.

She has great strength and independence, and those qualities would be extremely important to whomever, indeed, would manifest themselves with her using this piece~

The name Arianrhod means “Silver Wheel,” or “Silver Circle,” which name is indicative of her role as a Goddess of the Full Moon, and in her role as the Mother in a typical Welsh Triple Goddess Trinity. She has also been known as the “Virgin White Goddess of Birth, Initiation, Death and Rebirth,” and the “Silver Wheel that Descends into the Sea.” Her palace, or spiral tower in the sky, is known as Caer Arianrhod, or the “Castle of the Silver Wheel,” although it may be better known, to some, as the Aurora Borealis or the Milky Way..
The bearer of this piece will be invited to Arianrhod's castle and you will be given the ultimate make-over. This is a transference item that will grant you her amazing good looks, spiritual loving aura, and free and wild emotional state of glory and happiness!

Arianrod's Pin of Beauty
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