Arion the Foreteller (40 STERLING SALE)

According to some stories Arion was created as the son of Poseidon and Demeter and is the brother of Despoesna.  According to other stories he was born after Poseidon struck the ground with trident.  I don't think it is entirely important, as his power remain consistent through.  

This piece summons the spirit of Arion, who prefers to take the form of a giant white horse with human feel instead of hooves and great white wings protruding from his back.  He is nearly a Pegasus, but is slightly different.  As legend holds, he as a quick as the waves, capable of human speech and could foresee future events.  

Okay, assuming that nobody is really interested in travel "as fast as the waves", consider I could do that in my car, and that we all speak a form of human speech, I'm going to tell you-- the important part about this piece is its ability to foresee future events.  This piece holds a psychic connection to Arion, who will bring you his ability to foresee all future events at your own will.  Most of the time psychic abilities and visions occur at random.  With this item you will hold the energies to control your visions.  You will see them in the front of you mind, as you were watching a television.  This way, you can actually make sense of the visions you receive.  You will also gain the ability to transfer these visions to others by simply touching them.  Or, you can read the future of others by touching them. This piece develops a strong psychic connection to anything you lay your hands on to be able to read and understand all things. 

Arion the Foreteller (40 STERLING SALE)
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