Aristotle's Stone: Wealth of Alexander the Great

Aristotle's Stone:  Wealth of Alexander the Great<br /><br />A

Amid Greece's financial difficulties and bailouts, the government of this once great country, must be terribly embarassed.  However, they have to remember not to feel too ashamed, because if they give up hope all will be lost for them.  They have influenced the entire world around, and a lot of what the founding Grecian forefathers taught is still taught in today's society and will continue to be taught for times to come.<br /><br />

This piece, for instance holds an ancient power of one of the most intelligent men in the world, Aristotle.  Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who knew many secrets about many things.  He held the knowledge of many powers and magics.  This ring holds one of his original powers, and one that has been around for centuries.  <br /><br />

Alexander was Philip's successor.  Long story short, Greece was msot furitful and victorious under him than any other Greek ruler to have existed.  He was also a student of Aristotle, who gave him the power from which Alexander gained his powers and wealth.  Alexander wore Aristotle's Stone as a garnish on his battle shield.  He never took it off, and the power within led him to great victories, the largest Grecian territory, and wealth beyond anyone's imagination.  <br /><br />

Alexander was never immortalized, even though he held the presence of a god.  He died of illnesses on 323.  His powers and wealth were dispersed among several Greek generals.  This particular stone come from Alexander's battle shield has been passed down over the generations and is an original.  It has been used to make this piece, which holds the original powers that Aristotle invoked into them.  <br /><br />

These pieces will bring you great wealth and satisfaction.  It will allow you to expand your horizons.  You will become extremely successful in your endeavors and all that I do.  You can use this piece to find fortune, fame, and financial wealth and financial gain. <br /><br />

This piece is a very powerful piece, as we have tested it.   It holds ancient wealth wisdom, as it contains the powers behind Aristotle's great prophecies.  During testing of this piece, we were able to manipulate slot machines at a local casino to get them to give us a decent chunk of change!!  You will be amazed! at the wealth abilities of this piece!!  <br /><br />


Aristotle's Stone:  Wealth of Alexander the Great
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