- Ark of the Covenant

- Ark of the Covenant

This item has been spell cast with dimensional infusements from the Ark of the Covenant.

The covenant is supposed to contain the 10 commandments received by Moses from God. The Ark is supposed to contain “god like powers” and the current physical location is uncertain.

The Ark is made of gold with two Cherub on the lid. Even though the physical location is unknown of at the moment, grand sorcerers are able to unlock the re-missive remnants and energies from the spiritual facets.

This piece has be embedded with the blessed powers of the original document of the 10 commandments. This illusive piece generates a pure encompassed assertion to the one who holds it. Meaning, you will be able to showcase the imperial regiments of the commandments and how the balance of yesteryear, and the natural compression of how life has changed evolves the meanings of the words.

You also will be gifted with the ability to sense through ESP the fundamentals of how those around you are breaking the commandments. You will know the hidden guilt and secrets in which they have been hiding. This is a versatile piece of distinct exquisitely!

- Ark of the Covenant
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