Ashtaroth Speaks Wealth

This piece comes to you from beyond the grave.  It is a piece from the Netherworld that was obtained while on an astral travel into the realm of dead persons.  We were on a search for a person that we never able to find, but it doesn't really matter because we came back with this piece.  This piece was made using the magic of Ashtaroth, who is the Duke of Hell and the third part of the dark trinity.  
This piece is not dark magic, because we brought back into the mortal realm and infused it with white magic.  The result is an item, dual in magic, that brings thought forms to life.  Not just any thought forms, either.  This one has to do specifically with riches.  It is a bringer of wealth in the form of thought forms.  
What I mean to say is that this piece is a thought manifestation piece that will bring your thoughts of wealth to life.  Through the wealth spirit, which has been set into this piece, when you wear the item, whatever wealth forms you think of in your head will become a reality.  
For instance, if you are playing a lottery ticket and you think to yourself, "I'm going to win money by playing slot machines," it will come true.  If you have an important client to meet and you think, "This is coming to turn out in my favor," then it will turn out in your favor.  It doesn't matter whatever wealth though form you think.  With this spirit-guided piece, your thought forms will become a reality.  
Ashtaroth Speaks Wealth
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