Ashurbanipal Incantation Tablets #1

Ashurbanipal Incantation Tablets <br /><br />


On our radio show on Tuesday we discussed the Library of Ashurbanipal.  We gave account to many secrets that have inscribed upon tablets that have been written and stored in the ancient library.  Some of these tablets have been dispersed to museums.  Some were so badly broken that they could not be salvaged.  Others were kept and hidden by certain groups.  <br /><br />


The hidden tablets were the ones with the most power instilled in them.  Again, they were confiscated by secret groups of magicians and sorcerers who longed to exhibit the powers contained on the tablets.  Through secret ceremonies the powers on these tablets were able to be released and the powers were able to be summoned.  <br /><br />


These powers went on to become the basis of Rosicrucianism.  Now we also talked on our show about the local Rosicrucian Temples and Pyramids that exist in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  We have been there, but our suggestion would be not to even try.  <br /><br />


However, if you get the inkling to explore the directions are online.  Enter at your own risk.  When you explore these places, you can feel the power emanating from within the Temples and the Pyramids.  The power will run through your veins like blood.  This little appetizer of power will sharpen your appetite and leave you craving more!!  <br /><br />


Obtaining these powers is now easy feat and it is rare that you will ever get the ability to do so, unless you're among the rank and file of the society.  Adita gained the favor of the society and secretly made these pieces.  Here is the first one.  <br /><br />


This piece is a sterling silver skull piece and has been given authority over death.  This means that it has also been given authority over all spirits and beings that have passed on from our world.  You will be given the ability to conjure any spirit you want.  You can call the past spirits of kings and queens.  You can summon the spirits of dead relatives of your bloodline or ancient sorcerers for their powers.  Your powers aren't limited and the spirit you want to conjure must obey.  <br /><br />

This is a size almost 11. You may wear it on a chain or on your finger. PLEASE LET ME KNOW THESE ARE IN STEVES OFFICE.

Ashurbanipal Incantation Tablets #1
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