Ask Me Aloysius, Any Power You've Ever Wanted-- And More!!

This is a piece that is for those who adore magic.  I mean, all of our items are magical and they are all original, but this one does it all.  This is because there has been the spirit of an immortal socerer summoned into this piece.  You can see him etched into the glass of the pendant that is on this necklace.  You'll notice that he is playing some sort of instrument and this is what he does to pass the time.  He plays the music on his supernatural instrument, that we are calling a horn.  When he plays his horn it elevates the mind into a state of consciousness that is much like hypnosis or perhaps even more like nirvana.  You will enter a heightened state of existence, in which you will be able to experience all realms of magic.  This happens because the sorcerers never ceases playing the music from his horn, which is ultrasonic, and inaudible to even dogs.  However, this sound will entrance you into states of beings you've never before experience!

A second glance at the pendant on the necklace will show you that the sorcerer has with him (and always carries with him) a sort of dowsing rod.  This rod has been fully enchanted by the gods and was a gift to the sorcerer for a series of labors that he performed on behalf of the gods in the mortal realm. The dowsing rod points the the sorcerer, whose name is Aloysius, to any an all magic that he is on a quest to find.  Just like a normal dowsing rod would work with water, this one works with magic and will literally find any and all magic that is wanted and needed.  How he ended up in this piece, with his picture etched into the glass, I have not a clue.  I'm not even sure what he was wearing at this point.  Despite being an immortal, he always tried to blend in with theh people around him, like a chamelon.  This is probably why he is depicted wearing what he is wearing.  He has literally lived all over the world and has found many different types of magic using the rod that was given to him.

When you get this piece you are essentially getting any form of magic that you've ever wanted or needed.  This is because when you wear the piece and the sorcerer plays his music for you, you will fall into a deep state of meditation.  While in this meditative state, the sorcerer will show himself to you.  You can then ask the sorcerer for him to do what he does best-- and that's source magic.  He will use the magic dowsing rod in order to search and fine the power that you ask for.  Upon waking up from your experience, you will then have to wait three days for the sorcerer to search.  After these three days, whatever power you have asked fors will be yours!  There are no limits in the way this piece can be used, as the magic is of dual power-- one part light and one part dark, so they balance eachother out.  This means you can use to request and gain any type of magic that you want-- period.  Don't let an opportunity like this one pass you up!     

Ask Me Aloysius, Any Power You've Ever Wanted-- And More!!
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