Asterion's Wealth from the Astral Labyrinth

Most people will know what a minotaur is when I say the name.  Of course, it is a creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull. However, most will not know that he was actually the head guard in charge of guarding the labyrinth.  The labyrinth was a maze like structure that built by architects Daedalus and his Icarus.  It was built for the purpose of hiding a a treasure that was hidden deep in the heart of the labyrinth, which contrary to popular belief descended several hundred feet into the ground.  

The name of the main Minotaur, as written about in Greek mythology was Asterion.  He wasslain by the hero Theseus, but little known to the people of the time, or even the people of this day, Asterion is just one of many.  Asterion actually has many offspring, all which guard the labyrinth in an attempt to hide the treasure at its core.  So, more or less, bagging Asterion was like beating first level Mario Brothers.  When you kill Koopa you feel special until you realize the princess is in another castle.  Then you get mad, get pumped and you feel determined to beat that lizard looking things behind.  Well, nobody has ever been able to get to the 8th Level Mario Brothers of the labyrinth and the treasure still remains deep underground.  

These pieces are the Resurrection of Asterion's spirit.  When you use your piece, he will come to you and allow you transform into a minotaur on the astral plains.  Then, you will be able to wonder a duplicate form of the labyrinth in a astral realm where it exists exactly as it did on Earth.  You will not be subject to slaying by one of the minotaurs that exist in the astral labyrinth, because you will appear just as they do.  If you get lost, Asterion will guide your way via a telepathy that will speak psychic thoughts right into your mind.  Once you get to the hub of the astral labyrinth, you will find a massive treasure, not of physical treasure, but of wealth powers.  You will be able to capture the wealth powers in the piece that you are receiving and bring them back to the mortal realm for use in the mortal world.  Once you have returned as a human, this piece will give you the ability to summon the wealth powers you have found.  This will, in turn, summon wealth form all directions that will dump wealth into your life in all forms.


With this item you need to wear the ring on any finger and draw in sand or dirt to create any path you wish. OOnce your drawing is finished you will begin to gain all the powers of wealth as if you were born with them or born under a very lucky sign of life. You will get one of the rings shown in the picture.

Asterion's Wealth from the Astral Labyrinth
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