Astral Beauty in the Eyes of All Beholders

Hidden among Others~

A sale can make people run to the store, or log online to get things they have had their eye on for a while. Getting a chance to save a few extra dollars can sometimes make the decision to buy a little bit easier.

I was shopping with my friend Lana, she is going on a honeymoon cruise and wanted to look for some new outfits and accessories. We were at the store for hours as I helped her pick out a few things and she tried them on.

She was excited to find a few outfits and a fantastic bathing suit that she could use on her vacation!

After the outfits were put together and they looked good on her, she wanted to find some fun jewelry items to accessorize the looks.

While she went to look at the jewelry, I went to look at clothing for myself. I was in the dressing room trying on shorts when i heard Lana call out my name; she was anxious to show me some of the pieces that she found.

She found some really cool items, but one piece in particular really stood out. I took the piece to look at it closer and was amazed by the tranquility that radiated from the piece. It didn't have a price tag on it, and looked like a vintage item, but none the less they just made a price up at the register and Lana bought it.

She went on her cruise and wore this piece the first few days; she had men falling all over her! The staff on a cruise ship is friendly, but the waiters and directors were in awe, flirting and complimenting Lana; her husband was getting pissed.

Kenny, Lana's hubby, knows that his wife is gorgeous, but thought the interactions and flirtation was unacceptable. Their honeymoon wasn't going so well, due to the jealousy. Each time that Lana was complimented she felt a tingling run though her, starting from this piece.

She started to think that something was going on with her favorite item and took it off; the rest of the honeymoon went well and the staff was respectful and there was no attributes that reflected back to the improper behavior.

When Lana got back from the trip, we got together for lunch and of course I wanted all the details of the honeymoon. She told me about what had happened, and I told her that the piece may hold a power or energy within it. I followed her back to her house and got the piece; Deedee started to test the piece the following week and we learned that it is an evoked emblem that holds attraction and allure within it.

If you wear this piece you will ignite energies that will surround you and make the sex you are attracted to desire you! This has been tested by a gay and lesbian participant and the allure is connected to your thoughts which implements who will direct their attraction your way!

This is an awesome piece of head turning appeal; if you feel that no one looks your way, use this confidence booster to gain the power of attraction that was placed within this piece to help you find someone for lust or love.

This piece will bring the attraction and allure, and once they are hooked ... you have the job of reeling them in~!

After conjuring the pieces source, we learned that the item was infused with a spell from a love doctor --- someone must have left the piece at the store accidentally; we figure they took it off to try on another piece and forgot it ~ their loss is your gain -- watch your life flourish with appeal to those around you!

Astral Beauty in the Eyes of All Beholders
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