Astral Coven, Party of 5

The first word that comes to mind when I see this piece is antique.  It is at least 100 years old and probably even more.  It has been in the possession of an immortal for the last fifty years or so.  The immortal that used to handle this piece was once a part of Saint Germain's inner circle and he has been taught the ins and outs of alchemy, which he has surprisingly used as a means of opening up different astral doors.  Those are portals that allow you to travel to other realms and plains of reality.  He became one of the original astral warriors and there have only ever been seven.  The astral warriors are once that are given the responsibility to keep the magic on Earth balanced.  There always has to be a balance or else things will get completely out of control.  Once again, there are an infinite amount of powers on this Earth.  Some are yin and some are yang, so to speak, but they have to be balanced out at all times.  This is what the astral warriors are.  They are the gatekeepers of all magic that enters and leaves the world, in full charge of making sure they maintain harmony and balance.  This means at a very young age-- and I use the word young subjectively, because what is 200 years when you live forever?-- they are given an awakening from a power that is known as the Eye of Horus.  The Eye of Horus is the all seeing eye and it does just that, it sees all things.  By all things I mean all forms of magic that have ever come and gone. 

Like I was saying, this piece used to belong to this astral warrior, who goes by no assumed identity for the sole purpose of protecting his identity against those who wish to sabotage order.  There is always some nut job that wants to rule the world and will use whatever evil power he can get his hands on to do it.  Thus, the Astral Warriors pretty much just lurk in the shadows out of eye and ear range of those who might be opponents.  This is a hindrance, because a lot of times that means that they have to stay away from anyone; so when I tell you that getting this piece from him is a rare opportunity, I'm not, in the least bit, exaggerating.  He barely ever holds dialogue with anyone he doesn't trust to keep his secret 100%, with the exception of those whom he met while working with Saint Germain.  It's kind of a sibling thing.  This is how we were able to get into contact with him.  We know another person who used to study with Germain and he told the Astral Warrior that we were cool, so he came forward and agreed to meet us. 

This piece that he gave us contains a grouping of five astral vampires.  Each one has their own name that will be revealed to you when you wear the piece.  The names aren't so much important as the powers that will they will give you are.  Again, there are five of them and each hold a special power that you will use along the way in your journey and on your own astral travels.  They are an ancient coven of power that has been working together since the beginning of time.  Since they are astral vampires and they are not sanguine vampires, you don't have to worry about them trying to biting you.  They don't need blood, it's not their thing.  Rather, they feed off the powers of the universe-- the same magical Eye of Horus, the powers of which were taught the Astral Warriors. 

The first of these vampires is going to provide you with astral wealth.  I mean, you may encounter some strange and foreign places, it is inevitable that you are going to need a stock pile of wealth to use along your way.  Nothing in this world or the next are free.  I can assure you this much.  That's why the first vampire brings you an unlimited source of wealth.  With this wealth, you can also bring it back into the mortal realm and use it here as well.  I mean, who doesn't want to be wealth?

The second vampire is going to bring you spiritual protection.  When you are travelling freely out in the open, you are going to need some sort of protection.  There are evil and malicious forms all over waiting to suck the life energy out of you like a leech.  They will come to you sooner than white on rice, unless you have a spiritual protector such as this one.  He wards off and eats all evil that way you never have to worry.  It will work in the astral realms or in your own.  It really is a pure form evil eater. 

The third vampire gives you alchemy. This is necessary because this is the vampire that is going to allow you to shape-shift.  With this piece you will be traveling to many strange and bizarre realms and plains of existence.  I mean, you don't have to, but it is is definitely possible.  You will see some things that you have never seen before, to the point that you won't even know what to call them.  You're not going to want to stand out like a soar thumb.  That is why this piece gives you the powers of a chameleon, with the ability to blend in wherever you are.  In doing this, you will need to change your shape to assume a new one.  That is what this piece allows. 

The Fourth of these vampires gives you full spiritual and psychic awakening, as he is a Psy-Op vampire.  He usually prefers to take a mortal form and has worked on multiple classified projects with various governments around the world.  He does this as a hobby and will give you the same ability.  By same ability, I mean being able to read the minds of those things around you.  They might not always look like something with a mind, but everything has a soul.  If it has a soul it can be read.  That's what the spiritual awakening in this piece will give you-- the ability to read whatever is around you to know whether it is fried or foe, what powers it has if you want to take them from it, etc.  It will also work on humans and will give you full brain power over them with the ability not just to read their mind, but to control it. 

To bring this one full loop, the last vampire in this coven gives you the ability to astral travel.  Like the Astral Warriors, he too, holds the keys to astral doors.  This is the one that will allow you to leave your body and float in astral form to any place that you wish to travel.  You can go somewhere with a purpose or simply use this power to float around in your true soul form to discover the whole other side to existence that you never even knew existed.  With help from him and the other four in the Coven you will be able to travel to places that will enlighten your mind to knowledge you've never known before, to magic you never practiced before.  You will meet entities you never knew existed before and you will be places in time and space that you certainly could have never dreamed of. 

This piece is the real deal and it is very powerful.  You do not want to pass an opportunity like this one up.  It will will not present itself a second time.  This much I can pretty much guarantee! 

Astral Coven, Party of 5
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