Astrum Argentum

We found this ring inside of a hidden temple in Switzerland.  It was very close to the border of France, in the Swiss Alps.  I can't say that the place was really like a monastery, because everything there is up-to-date and modern.  However, the people there do live as recluses from the rest of society in an attempt to further the understanding of the magic that they practice.  Honestly, they live a life of luxury, but when it comes time to deal with their magic, they take it very seriously.  They are called the Astrum Argentum.  They are the Supreme and Eternal Inner School of Initiates.  

Together this magickal white brotherhood controlled all other thought tanks and mystery schools.  They are the top of the top, the creme de la creme magick practitioners. They banded together in ancient times and have stuck together since.  Their rank and file includes delegates from major schools of thought and magick, such as the Egyptian Mystery Schools, the Grecian Mystery schools, Babylonian wisemen, religious scholars, and more modern groups such as the Bohemian Grove, the Skull and Bone Society.  Let's not forget the staples-- Freemasons, Illuminati, Kabbalists, and Knights of the Rosy Cross.
Eventually, the powers that they shared and developed together began to overpower their individual representative groups.  This is when they simply created their own group, again called the Astrum Argentum. There is no power that these people cannot do.  Like I said, they come from all walks of magickal life.  Together, they have created a holographic history of powers and magick.  The have recreated the times and the hold the times in the holographic record for access should they ever need it-- and trust me, they use it more often than one would think.  
The point in all this is that during our stay in the Swiss Alps, where these hideaways kept themselves, we were able to confiscate a piece that we saw one of them using.  The piece is an official initiation item and holds all of the secret powers that have been perfected by the Astrum Argentum; this is to say that this piece holds their alternate holographic reality. When you wear this item, you will be given access to all of these powers and you can summon any power from across the great arcanum of magick.  This will do all kinds of magic-- Freemason, Divine Numerology, Sacred Geography, Illuminati, Greek Mystery School, Egyptian Mystery School, Bohemian Grove, and so many other kinds of magick!  It is a great source of knowledge that can bring you a wealth of different types of knowledge that will allow you to basically create any kind of power that you want.  
Astrum Argentum
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