Aswang Vampire

Aswang Vampire

The Aswang is a vampire-like witch that is also capable of shape-shifting. A common description of the Aswang is of a witch with leathery wings and sharp fangs.

An Aswang  is also described appearing as a bat, dog or snake. This creature would stalk its victims at night, walking with its feet facing backwards.

These predatory creatures are also known to rob graves and eat the dead bodies they find within. They then replace the corpses with a banana tree carving that resembles the deceased they just consumed.

They have all been reveled upon other dimensions centuries ago, but Raviniska captured one and placed him within this item.
He will ravish you to "eat" dead things in your life... thus being relationships, bad habits, etc.

Many of us are guilty of letting loose ends remain just that, loose ends, and not ending things due to the fact of bad karma, or hurting someones feelings --- now you can let your Aswang do the deed and cleanse your life of the dead, or decaying particles that are bound to your life.

Aswang Vampire
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