Atemis's Allure Authority

Atemis's Allure Authority

Artemis is among the most ancient indigenous spirits of Greece. Her earliest incarnation seems to have been as a bear goddess. By the Classical Era, Artemis was absorbed into the Olympian pantheon as the spirit most associated with wild nature, witchcraft, and woman's mysteries.

Artemis was venerated by both men and women. She is an initiatory spirit who presides over rites of initiation for both males and females.

She is the ruler of sexual energy and tension. She presides over mysteries involving sexual energy intended for magical rather than procreative use! Sexual energy is concentrated, rather than released, to serve as a source of esoteric power.

This offering holds her illusive sexual potency that will enrich your sex drive, or the sex drive of the person you give this too!

Are you submissive and wish you were more of a dominant force in the bedroom, or do you want your lover to be more dominant -- then you need this piece!

Again Artemis will work for both men and women, and you will impose essential sensations of pleasure when you connect with this item!

Atemis's Allure Authority
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