Athah Gabor Leolum Adonai

This piece was taken from a secret temple that exists beneath the Vatican.  In this temple is where the modern-day monarchs and nobility of the Catholic church go to practice their ancient rites of Kabbalah.  They may condemn magic and they may say that they have nothing to do with it, but we know better.  The Catholic Church has been involved in magic even since their inception.  Ancient forms of Kabbalah magic has been passed down along the bloodlines of the nobility and they chose to practice this magic in private rather than in public.  
Like I said, this piece was extracted from a secret temple beneath Vatican City.  The piece has been made with a magic that was practiced by King David, who was God's favorite.  The piece holds a magic that is called Agla and is a magical formula used to exorcise evil spirits.  This formula has been used by the Catholic church for centuries as a means of casting out demons.  It was even used on Pope Benedict in his younger years when he was possessed by evil.  It is said that this is one of the reasons why he ended his papal duties abruptly.  The devil returned once again to taunt the pope.  It was cast out using this formula, not once but twice.  
The point is that the end of times is upon us.  You can read the Bible, it's all in the prophecy.  We are in times when spiritual possessions are at an emergency level.  Satan's demons are coming to Earth one by one, taking over to announce his thousand years reign on Earth.  Now more than ever you need a little metaphysical help, a little white light help.  The agla algorithm is so powerful because it contains words that have come directly from the Holy Spirit when He was instructing David how to cast out demons.  These words are Athah gabor leolam Adonai.  These four words contain the power of banishment as contained in the Lesser Pentagram.  They also translate to English as, "Thou art powerful and eternal, Lord."  
This piece works for you in many different ways.  First, it is an officially sanctioned item from the Vatican that is proven to drive all dark forces and evil from your life.  Whether this means there are dark spirits attached your being or if somebody has cast a curse upon you.  It doesn't matter, what ever is dark and unclean in your life will be driven away, allowing only white light in.  This will assure that things in your life not only work out for you, but that the odds are in your favor.  The second way you can use this piece is in driving out demons and performing exorcisms.  This piece gives you the ability to speak with the authority of the Holy Spirits.  The demons that possess people of this world will be no challenge for you.  They will tremble when they hear you talk.  You can speak these demons out of the individual they possess and force them to return to the pits of Hell from where they came.  You will be the authorizing voice of God when you wear your piece.  This also gives you dominion and authority over all other magical forms on Earth.  This is how powerful Agla is.  You don't want to miss this chance!  
Athah Gabor Leolum Adonai
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