Athena's Little Owl

Regardless of the belief, owls have been revered by humans since the beginning.  They are one of the oldest species of bird known to man and if you look into their eyes, it almost feels like they are looking into your soul.  This is because owls have been gifted by the gods with the gift of deified wisdom.  They are basically storehouses of information for the gods.  With that being said, not one owl contains the same wealth of information.  Each owl corresponds to a different god or goddess.  Some are benevolent, some can be evil, but all are magical.  They are messengers from the gods.  In the days before the gods rescinded back to the heavens they weren't so much needed.  However, today in a society that in continuously furthering the gap between themselves and true existence by the the grace of gods, owls can pretty much be our best bet on spiritual communication into the realm of the gods.  

This bracelet contains the spiritual embodiment of the goddess Athena's personal messenger owl.  He was rightfully called Athena's Little Owl.  Athena is the goddess of wisdom.  She is the manifestation of the wisdom of all powers, spell, incantations, and witch craft.  She was also the protector of the Greek people.  You can see this simply by noticing that many ancient Greek coins don the owl, as the official symbol of Athena, as she protected their trade and commerce.  Thus, she also is the embodiment of wealth powers, among her wealth of wisdom and magic.

This bracelet was made by a sorcerer of the Acropolis, which doesn't exist anymore accept as a body of humans who still exalt Athena for her the powers associated with her wisdom.  It is a new age society of witches and wizards who base their magic solely on the existence of Athena.  Anyhow, the sorcerer whose name is Thomas, made this item.  On it, you will see an owl is pendant.  This is the Little Owl of Athena.  With this item, you will be able to astrally fly to the realm where Athena dwells.  While here, you will be given all the powers of Athena's magic meaning all the knowledge of all her magic, her wealth powers, and her wisdom.  There are uncapped potentials with this piece and the more you use it, the more powerful you will grow.  All you have to do to activate the powers in this bracelet is wear it and allow the powers to bond with your soul.  It really is that easy.  Meditate with the bracelet on and you will be on your way to the Realms of Athena using the power of her Little Owl, to obtain the most magical awakening you will have likely experienced!
Real pearls and carved owl
Athena's Little Owl
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