Atlantean Eye of the Divine

One of the most elusive races to have ever exist in the mortal realm was the ancient race of Atlantis.  Well, it wasn't like they were really mortals; they more or less just existed on the mortal plain.  They were the original enlightened ones-- I'm not talking about the Illuminati, although the Atlantis Race is the lineage of all types of magic that exist here in the realm of Earth.  There are tons of theories about who the Atlantis Race was and where they came from.  It all seems kind of secondary, so let's just agree to call them the Ageless race.  Although Atlantis may not physically exist for the mortal eye to see, it definitely exists in a realm apart from our own-- a place that only the most magically adept people can travel. 

The most powerful of the Atlantis Race were the High Priests of the Spirit Temples.  The Spirit Temples are the places where people from the Atlantis Race would go to recharge.  The Spirit Temples were the equivalent of what modern day Pyramids would be, but they were much more powerful.  They were living, breathing, growing entities-- giant orbs of eternal power.  They were the charging stations for the magic of the Atlantis race, with the brain of each Temple being the equivalent of what we would, today, call the capstone of a pyramid.  The brain was the all-source of magic, interconnected to each member of the Atlantis Race, as well as each of the brains of the other Spirit Temples.

The High Priests were the individuals who cared for the Spirit Temples.  They lived there, meditated there, and pretty much knew all of the deepest secrets that each Spirit Temple had to offer, because remember, they are all interconnected.  Atlantis magic really is one big giant web of powers and abilities.  The Atlantis Race knew that networking their powers together would mean a higher enlightenment, and the High Priests were the ones who were sharing the brunt force of all this knowledge, because they are the ones who lived in the Spirit Temples day in and day out and saw all things that were happening through the Temple's brain.  Anyhow, these High Priests are the ones who went on to become the Divine of the Atlantis Race.  They were the ones who were raised to such a level of magic and spirituality that they became the white light gods venerated and living above even the Atlantis level of existence.  They were gods-- true walking forms of white light and magic.  

This piece is calle the Atlantis Eye of the Divine because when you wear this ring it will allow you to see through the eyes of that Atlantis Divine-- the Highpriests of the Spirit Temples-- the Atlantis Gods.  It will allow you to see through the mind of the Atlantis Gods, to see the world as they do and understand the times and existence of Atlantis as they do.  This also means that you wil be able to know all the magic of the Atlantis Race through gaining a deep connection with the Atlantis network of magic and the brains of the Spirit Temples.  You will gain ALL the magic and enlightenment of the Atlantis race and all of their esoteric powers and abilities.  This piece is a true enlightenment, because by seeing through the eyes of the Atlantis Divine, you will gain your own awakening, being able to bring these powers, magic, and abilities back with you to the mortal realm-- although you will always be welcomed in the realm of Atlantis.  This piece is incredibly powerful.  Make it yours before somebody else does... for real!

Atlantean Eye of the Divine
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