Atlantean Offering of Time Travel

Could it be something out of a James Camerion sci-fi movie??  Well, perhaps... but, I'm going to say no not really.  It more reminds me of something that would happen after the government dump radioactive material into the water.  Alas, it is neither.  Scientists say that it is caused by a massive red tide-- an algae bloom of bioluminescent phytoplankton.  Okay, whatever. 

Listen, here is what's happening.  Waves continue to glow-- that's not even the word, it's more like radiate-- off the coast of California.  They glow a beautiful, entrancing blue color that lights up the Ocean like Santa's workshop at Christmas.... especially at night.  It's not an algae bloom.  If it was, then there would have to be one massive bunch of blooming algae considering that it has happened off the coast of Brazil and also in the Bermuda Triangle. 

I have a friend who collected a sampling of the water for me and I can offer a simple solution to the puzzle of the glowing water.  The water source comes from Atlantis and contains particles of their energized powers.  I'm not sure why the Atlanteans would allow their energy to escape.  The only thing I can think of is that they were hoping some good soul would be able to figure out what they were offering-- a vision into the past, present and future. 

I have a items that have been made by being submerged in the water for a extended period of time.  They have gained the energy that has been released from Atlantis.  The energy contains a power that will open up your third eye and allow for direct correspondence to the island of Atlantis and its ancient inhabitants. 

You will gain the ability to travel to the ancient Atlantean Hall of Records, where you experience the Holographic Time Records that the Atlanteans have created using technology that they received from the Aliens.  This Time record allows you to leave your world astrally, in spirit form, to travel anywhere in time that you would like to go.  You will gain the unique ability to be able to see all things and travel to all times, places, and areas.  The piece is entirely versatile and the effects of its powers are entirely up to you. 

This amazing ring is 925 Sterling Silver and the stone is Electric Blue Labradite!!  I was almost tempted to keep this one for myself!!  Here's to you!!

Atlantean Offering of Time Travel
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