Atlantis Date Keepers

It's 7:00AM and your alarm clock goes off; you had better get up because you have to start work in an hour.  At 12:00PM, you take your one hour lunch break and return to work for the remaining four hours of your shift.  You will leave at 5PM and then have dinner at 6PM.  You will watch television, do some chores, maybe do some other things.  At 12AM you will, once again, hit the sack so you can wake up at 7:00AM to do it all again.  You will live life according to this schedule, with variances from time to time, but mostly you will know that at 8:00AM it will be time for work.  Well, I have news for you... time doesn't exist. 

Human minds have been trained to accept the institution called time.  In reality time doesn't exist.  Do you think there is a 6PM in space?  Or in other forms of existence for that matter?  There are not.  Time is a tool that has been created and manipulate, specifically by the Catholic Church, in an attempt to brainwash and control all human minds. Here on Earth we have even perfect our system of time with "time zones" that synchronize daylight and night time so that way the time that would be considered to be "during the day" will be governed by the sun. 

The concept of time controls some people's belief in the existence of Atlantis.  For example, Plate had once said that Atlantis sunk in 9600BC.  Scientists say that the world is between 4 and 5 billion years old, but there is little evidence to support Atlantis, because it doesn't fit into their time line paradigm that suggests humanity as we know it has only been around for 100,000.  Scientists say whether Atlantis would have sunk or not, the fact of the matter is that there would not have been enough time in the history of existence to support the advance of humanity to the level we are currently at or beyond more than once.  Then, there is the once Bishop of Ireland, James Ussher, whose religious conviction insist that the beginning of the world is Sunday October 23 4004 BC.

Whatever the case may be, it is imperative to remember that each person notion of "time" is separate and different.  My idea of time is different than the next persons and so on.  I'd also like to point out that we can't really put the Atlantis civilization on any timeline because they were a far advanced civilization and they didn't have time restrictions.  There was no such thing as time.  They existed above the influence.  You can't put human time ideals to a civilization who had a mental capacity that broke free from the day-to-day fervor that we experience now.  Instead of time and daily limits, the Atlantis people had oracles who were known as Date Keepers. 

Atlantis Date Keepers are the Oracles that were commissioned by the priests of the High Temples to hold the remembrance of the Atantis civilization.  The Date Keepers hold the "keys" to the Atlantis Holographic Hall of Records.  This Hall of Records is not a timeline or anything else like that.  Rather it is a hall, or pocket of existence, where a duplicate copy of all Atlantean accomplishments are located.  The Date Keepers alone have the ability of entrance into the Hall of Records, where all happenings are played and replayed through holographic playback continuously.  It is a conglomeration of existence, an energy that has been set in place to preserve the powers of the Atlantis Race.  

This item holds the presence of an Atlantis Date Keeper, key to the Atlantis Holographic Hall of Records.  It summons the power of this Atlantis Oracle to share all of its power and knowledge with you.  The energies in this piece will allow you to project the Atlantis Hall of Records in your own mind.  The Date Keeper will transfer its energy into your own mind to allow you to live above the influence of time, which your mind has become a prisoner to, in all reality.  This will help alter your perception and allow the energy transference to project the Atlantis Holographic Hall of Records into your own mind.  You can use this piece for reconnaissance into unconventional Atlantis wisdom.  You can also this piece to obtain all the magic and secret energies of the Atlantis people.  You will be given their powers and abilities as well as answers to the state of their current existence! 


Atlantis Date Keepers
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