Atlantis Secret Star Maps

This item is earth shattering for those of us whose intrigue is sparked by existence of ancient Atlantis.  To some people, Atlantis is a fantasy, nothing more than a story that has been told throughout the ages.  However, the existence of Atlantis is very alive and proven to Haunted Curiosities.  We offer a wide range and variety of items that are connected to Atlantis is some way shape or form.  However, these new finds are pretty amazing even to us, because finally the nay-sayers will have to shut their mouths and deal with the proof!  Are you ready to be excited?

Scientists have discovered items that they say is proof of an ancient Atlantic empire.  They found some relics amidst a deeply submerged megalithic complex.  The complex contains shrines to the lost civilization of Atlantis , as well as other structures that scientists say exhibit far more complex characteristics than any other experienced on Earth.  You can look it up for yourself if you want, but don't be surprised if it has been taken off of Google or Yahoo, or whatever news feed you use.  This isn't the type of information that the government likes to tell people for two reasons.  One, it admits their faults and that they were wrong.  Two, the potential to tap into these supernatural powers is a real possibility and the government... and elitists... want to keep all the power for themselves, without sharing.

According to a news briefing that we got from a secret paranormal chapter of government that we are in with, a host of megalithic structures have been found containing shrines of the ancients.  These shrines are believed to hold the power to pull through the resurrection of the Atlantis people.  Glyphs on the walls of temples that were found suggest that there will be a return to power by Atlantis during a re surge of energy that will surge during the New Age.  The coming of the new age will occur on December 21, 2012 when the gate to the New Age is opened and the old one comes full circle and closes.  In the meantime all we can really do is wait to see what happens.

You could also, in the meantime, invest your money wisely-- in this item from Atlantis.  It has been taken down to a megalithic structure that has been dubbed as the Star Temple.  The temple has a direct connection and orientation to the Sun, which is the brightest and most powerful star in our solar system.  It was indoctrinated with the power from the Star Temple and thus has been given powers of the ancient Atlanteans, who were very complex astronomers, global mappers, and mathematicians among other things.  Their systems and networks of power and energy were far more advanced  Their methods are more accurate than anything the Earth has known to any of its constituents.

This piece has obtained the enlightenment of the Star Temple in Atlantis.  It has seen through the Third Atlantean Eye and has obtained all of its powers. To use this piece you will need meditate with it to allow the powers to seep into your third eye and give you complete Atlantean Third Eye Transformation.  Once this piece has begun to work, you will notice your third eye will be opened FULLY, but in an unusual way.  The power you are now infused with will project you into a holographic, secret Star Map of the galaxy.  Not only will this allow you to mentally map and visit those places on the Earth that are completely covered up and/or hidden, it will allow you to obtain powers that have been secluded and never relinquished to the human race.  You will be able to travel among the Star Map of the ancient Atlanteans to see things you've never seen, to known things you've never known, and to obtain any power that you could possibly want, including the powers of Ancient Atlantis!

Additionally, this item will give you a star guide entity that will guide you across your journeys of the universe.  She will expose the rest of the galaxy that will allow you to, once again, project yourself holographically into the universe to walk among stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies and beings.  She will show you the corners of the universe and give you a full understanding of the powers and energies of the galaxy, as well as the ability to explore nooks and crannies that have never before been visited!  This is a tell-all power that exposes the universe in its entirety through the Atlantean Third Eye!!  It is a unique opportunity that you do NOT want to miss out on!    


Atlantis Secret Star Maps
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