Aurora's Dark Arts

This pin is a phenomenal dual item!! The piece was empowered by Aurora, who is a master witch who leads her own coven! This was her triggered piece that she used for the past 11 years to embark spells, rituals and castings from. It was a collection portal that is very strong, it is dual, but holds some extreme dark arts!! Aurora is training a new witch to be the upcoming leader, and she did not want to make it easy and allow her to have all the powers at her side -- so she allowed Deedee to have it, as she has known Deedee for years! This will make her student, Cynthia, to have to honestly learn the work --- but this gives you a great opportunity!!! As now you can be infused with the impartment of her magic and majestic skills --- the mastery coveted powers will be able to be accessed by the one who wears and connects meditatively with the piece.
Aurora's Dark Arts
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