The people of the ancient Japanese civilizations were lucky enough to have access to the spirit of the wild Baku. The Baku was a hybrid animal spirit that bears resemblance to an enormous wild pig. It has the compacted torso of a horse, the face of a lion, the trunk and tusks of an elephant, the tail of a cow, and the feet of a tiger. Despite this spirits ferocious demeanor, the essence that the spirit brings is highly productive and conducive. The spirit links itself to its owner, by way of spiritual affirmation, and immediately contributes to the betterment of the life of its owner. We have the spirit of a Baku infused in the piece that you see below. Now, you will be lucky enough to obtain the soul of a Baku, like the Japanese ancients of the past.

The Baku, renowned as the "eater of dreams" will show itself to you via your subconscious dream process. Once he has presented himself to you he will begin his work. His first order of business is acting as a omen for good luck. In this way he is constantly waging spiritual warfare against the bad omens and evil spirits. Believe it or not, the world is full of bad omens and evil spirits, and once you have one, they are a pain in the rear end to get rid of. Your Baku will nip these beings in the bud, so to speak, ridding you of the chance of catching a bad omen or evil spirit. It will, likewise, prevent evil shamans, witches, etc. from throwing bad spells at you from any distance, near or far. The Baku will simply devour the evil influence associated with such spells, leaving behind the positive. In this manner, the Baku will allow you to be showered with good fortune and blessings, which will make your life that much better.

As mentioned before, the Baku is also the sacred "eater of dreams." What most do not know is that bad spells, omens, etc. can be cast during sleep via dream transference spells, giving you bad dreams and a bad spirit. Should you have a bad dream at night, simply call out to your Baku chanting “Baku, eat my dreams,” three times and it will be done. He will also shed upon you and spiritual cleansing that will sanctify you soul. Bottom line: You don’t mess with the Baku!!

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