BALTIC SEA DISC Recently, during a treasure hunt escapade, explorers turned out images of what they are calling, "the Baltic Disc." It is a disc shaped anomale that sits at the bottom of the Baltic Sea; but heres the thing... nobody seems to know for sure what it is. While news agencies and the media are quick to deny any supernatural involvement, others say that the Baltic Sea Disc is going to be this era's singlemost important discovery. Experts are speculating that this item is anything from an electrically charged meteor to an UFO that was on a crash course with Earth. Divers say that the moment you get near the anomale, all things electric cease to work-- cell phones, cameras, computer systems, sonar... even some of the functions of their ship. Sail about 200 yards away and you're fine again. Critics are saying that the disc is some sort of weird rock formation or mud pile. While the same news agencies and media mentioned above have insisted that no further breakthroughs have occurred, I can tell you otherwise. Simply put, the government has restricted the divers and explorers in the amount of information they can release to the public. What is it that they are so anxious about? Due to the level of security involved in this case, I cannot release names to you. You can research the findings on your own-- what findings there are to document the find. It will give you all of the information you need to know; however, my source shall remain nameless because I don't want to create a shit storm for them. This item comes from inside the Baltic Sea Disc, which is actually an archaic, but super advanced alien recoinnassance craft. They will never admit it, but that's truly what it is. This item is electrically charged from the current that still exists in the UFO deep beneath the surface of the Baltic Sea. The energy in this piece will bond with your soul, awakening your alien DNA and bringing forth fully manifested extraterrestrial powers. These powers include all types of known and unknown psychic abilities, the ability to travel along the space-time continuum, and the ability to communicate with your mother-hub, which is a giant brain in an alternate reality, where these ETs are from. The mother-hub holds a connection to every alien entity that exists within its race. All knowledge, whether it be magic or simply intelligence, is psychically stored and shared from all individual alient brains in the mother-hub. With your item, you have exclusive access to these records!! This is the perfect item to help you unlock the being that you've always been, but have always been hesitant to awaken!
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