Unicorn Summoning Ring

This ring is for summoning a unicorn, pure white with a golden horn and silver hooves. When I summoned her, she told me her name was Beautidonna. We spoke for hours about her past, all the maidens she’d blessed with divine levels of beauty and grace and the waters she’d cleansed. Beautidonna can also let you talk to the angels that follow her around, as well as purify you from your sins in order to enter the Holy Temple where she lives.  She will also bring you the divine from within the eternal temple that she resides! 

Entering the Holy Temple is that of those creatures that are Holy and hold the power of WHITE. These are creatures that many of you may not have heard of or ever thought of but none the less they are amazing to work with. Your not purified in the sense of a Godliness but in that of karma and your aura, so that you may enter. The Unicorn will always stay with you and allow you the use of her magic.  This magic, of course is the white light magic that all unicorns that are brithed into reality carry. 

The ring is sterling and holds real stones.  It is a size 6.5, but if you can't fit that, it can also be work around the neck on a chain as a pendant.  Don't miss out on this unique opportunity, as it will not present itself again! 

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