In the 1820s a man by the name of Thomas Beale came across a treasure that consisted of gold, silver, and jewels.  Located in a mine that was to the north of Santa Fe, Beale and group of 30 of his fellow adventurers transported the treasure to an undisclosed area of Bedford County in Virginia.  Beale then sat down and drafted three letters.  In the first letter he wrote the exact location of the treasure.   In the second letter he gave a detailed account of the treasure, almost like an inventory.  In the final letter he listed the names of the thirty partners that helped him transport and hide the treasure.  He put the letters inside of an iron box, giving them to an innkeeper and close friend, Robert Morriss.  Beale told Morris that he was going on a journey and if he and his partners failed to return to Virginia within ten years, that Morriss was to open the iron box and view the contents. 

When twenty-three years had passed and Beale hadn't turned up, Morriss decided that it was the appropriate time to open the box. To his dismay, the letters that Beale has left behind for his friend were written in cypher text.  One of the cypher texts has been translated, and even more to Morriss' dismay it was merely the content of the treasure. The name of the other thirty partners and the location of the treasure have never been determined, as the cypher texts have never been cracked.  Numerous unsuccessful digs and countless attempts to crack the code have landed no person rich and have turned up no treasure. 

In 1885, a story was circulated by means of pamphlet that was floated by Morriss in a final, desperate attempt to find the location of Beale's secret treasure.  Again, nobody was able to crack the code or locate the treasure.  Even until this day the treasure has remained a mystery.  It has never been found.  Well, I should say that it has never been found until now.  And even still, the silver and gold and jewels are not the important part of the treasure.  Rather, cryptic wealth spell is all that could be taken from the location of the secret treasure, as the actually treasure itself has been cursed.  Those who take it are doomed unless it was originally given to another by Beale, himself.  The treasure is kept shored up as a  testament to the power of the wealth spell and how it has helped Beale and his treasure hunting partners find several significant sources of treasure. 

After Morriss attempted and failed to find the treasure, he passed the cyphers onto an unknown person.  The location of the cyphers was lost and the interested in actually finding the treasure actually dwindled, until became an issue after we ran into a person to whom the cyphers were given.  They were handed down along a bloodline and the person to whom they belong didn't really understand exactly what it was that he head until we told him.  He quickly became excited after we told him exactly what it was that we was in possession of.  He agreed to cooperate with us in finding the treasure and Deedee was able to crack the code in time using her staunch psychic ability during which she was able to travel back to the time that Beale was writing the cypher text and watch for a pattern during its construction. 

Together we eventually found the location of the until-then fabled treasure.  However, like I've stated  before we couldn't take any of the physical treasure, as it was cursed.  Rather, the important part of the treasure was an ancient manuscript that was actually left behind by the ancient Egyptians during a voyage to America thousands of years ago .  It was during this same trip that they deposited elements of their culture in Arizona, in the Grand canyon.  On the manuscript is a ancient wealth spell and it was this spell that allowed Beale to find and retain all the treasure he had collected until his final disappearance, when he was never to return.  I'm not going o bore you with minute details.  I will tell you that we have been able to transfer wealth powers from the manuscripts of the Bedford Treasure into our own collection of treasures.  This collection of treasures hold a divine, extremely powerful wealth spell.  This wealth spell will come over you and bring you a guardian wealth angel.  This angel will search across the realms to bring you the most exotic and unique wealth powers.  You will not have to go and search for this wealth, as these wealth powers are tailored for each individuals specific wealth desires and will bring the power directly to you!  Remember, this is an original Egyptian spell, and they were one of the wealthiest empires to have ever lived.  Imagine just how much wealth this will bring you,then.  It's only natural!

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