Twin sisters who were born in the late 30's were introduced to magic from their paternal grandmother. She wanted them to proclaim her legacy and continue on with her years of study. 

The girls, having an incredible conneciton as identical twins were surged wih even more evasive power. They were able to interpret spells and magic with strong conviction.

Having been looked upon as different in school the girls relied on magic to bring forth love into their lives --- these were their casted bracelets that brought them true love. 

These work the best for people who are "different", and thus have issues with people judging them and thinking they are unfit to be with.

The power within each of the girls bracelets will impart itself within your heart and allow you to be completely content with who, and what, you are and allow all walls and barriers to come down.

People who are judged and thought of as being not 'normal'... act as if the badgering does not affect them, but it does -- and unconsciously walls are put up.

By getting one of thse empowered bracelets, you will gain the ability to descend the walls and allow your heart to shine and you will be able to finally be content with every aspect of your being.

Then you can, and will, find love! You are not meant to be single and alone because others tell you no one would want to be with you because of your beliefs, outlooks, or appearance --- love is waiting to find you... there are only 2 of these!



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